Slow Down

Hey all! Happy weekend. So glad it’s the weekend, and I can finally be lazy. And slow down.

Sometimes life should not be taken at lightning speed. And neither should eating (even if it includes a massive salad!)

Slow Down The Eating (a story)

So the other afternoon I was eating (a healthy) lunch with my husband and two brothers. All are speedyeaters. (Did ya catch that?! They eat SO fast). I didn’t realize it while eating, but my eating pace quickened when I ate with them. I felt slightly stressed, overwhelmed, and frankly, it wasn’t all that enjoyable (the eating experience, not the company).

I then got a stomachache, promptly 10 minutes after eating.


I moaned to my husband later that day that I do NOT like eating fast, and that eating with them for some reason made me eat faster. WHY oh why is that so?

Turns out research shows that when we eat with other people we tend to match their eating style, eating vibes, and their energy. Most experts in the field of stress management offer the advice of eating in a peaceful, relaxing environment, as this may enhance the subtle flavors and textures of the food being eaten, and offers up a more pleasurable eating experience.

Who knew?!

don't scarf, don't scarf, don't scarf....

So if you want some advice to enjoy your food better, turn of the TV, get rid of the radio, get rid of your brothers (Just Kidding!!) and eat sllllooowwwlllyyy. Oh and guess what else : most research also shows a strong link between speed of eating and weight -aka nutrition and weight management. Slower eating may aide in weight loss and weight management (if that is what you’re going for), as it takes the stomach+ brain a full 20 minutes to register fullness. Ever speed eaten your way through a buffet? (NOT a fun experience, in case you’re wondering!)

I truly believe that my stomachache was caused (or at least influenced) by the quick pace of the others’ eating style, the rapid talking and chewing that surrounded me, and the noise level of the general area. I seriously HATE eating in a stressful situation–I’d rather not eat. (I think it’s because it doesn’t let me tune into my intuitively eating style as well.)

I have never liked eating on the run, on the road, or having to scarf food while waiting in line, at lunch during a work break, while talking/chatting at a big party, or while multi-tasking. Weird, I know. But I guess I am a peaceful eater?? Or really sensitive?? (my husband can vouch for the latter <– I cry like it’s going out of style. hah) Or I really like food and want to ENJOY it, not just stuff it down my throat??

come to me! But slowly, please.

Want the end of the story? Well, the next day I made a conscious effort while eating with my husband and one of my brothers to not eat so quickly, and you know what? It worked! Turns out that an uncomfortable stomachache is enough impetus for me to act on changing my response so it doesn’t happen again! Tuning into my intuitively eating style helped as well.

Was that awkward enough talk for ya? 😉

Enjoy your WEEKEND! You can be lazy too…….after a workout, of course (kidding–sort of. At least get some activity (body of fitness anyone?!)?, and get in that Vit D, via sunshine!!)

  • my workout (for those who care to know): 45 min. elliptical intervals (alternating between ‘running’ and ‘jogging’), 1 hour BodyPUMP class!

What about YOU, are YOU a sssslllooowww eater or a speed demon when it comes to meal times?! Have YOU ever been influenced by your ‘eating experience’ surroundings??

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  1. i am a speed eater. :-/ not proud of it. need to work on it!

  2. I hate eating while talking at parties too! I’d rather eat before and then eat after then try to have a good conversation while only half enjoying my food.

  3. caroline orien says:

    After I got married our meals became a lot shorter because I started eating at the pace of Jason. So (usually) I put a timer on and it works! Our meals last for 25 minutes and it is nice just to slowly eat and chat over dinner.

  4. I’m sort of in between. I sometimes make a conscious effort to put down the fork in between bites, but I can definitely be influenced by my honey. He barely chews!!!

    • Haha, yeah, my husband does the gulping thing too. He is getting better, though, b/c he knows it drives me nutso.

      It’s funny how we can be SO influenced by our surroundings?!

  5. I don’t really consider myself a fast eater but my husband is. This results in him eating sooooo much because he thinks he is still hungry instead of letting it digest a bit. I need to show him this post. Thanks!

  6. My husband and I are such speed eaters! We are trying to do a “family dinner” tradition with a little bible study after dinner time, so at least we are at the table longer than 15 minutes, haha.



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