Healthy Food Options – Airport Edition + Thankful Thursday

Airport fare can be unhealthy, expensive, and completely out of line with goals we might have in mind, but there ARE options out there.

I wanted something tasty yet healthy yesterday. I also did not want to shell out $$$ for something that I would normally get for cheaper. Oh wait, this is an airport….. hah. Gotta shell out some mullah when in an enclosed space! (The company reimburses-love that-but I didn’t want to be TOO unreasonable.)

Healthy Food Options- Airport Edition

However, with the options available at last night’s airport, I decided to go with my best bet: Subway.

I ordered a grilled chicken veggie on whole wheat (a’ course nutrition!)


It was so tasty! I love adding tons of vegetables to sandwiches, and this one hit the spot. Ya know those meals where you go “mmmmm” after every bite? Yah, this sandwich was that.

I ate with some friends I met at training (love them!) and we ended up chatting it up before we all had to head to our respective flights.

Before heading to my gate I wanted something sweet (duh!), so I opted for my other go-to option when in an airport : TCBY.

fro yo!

Oh fro yo, how I love thee! (I added the nuts from a baggie I had in my purse. Those babies come in handy!)

My go-to flavors are caramel, nuts, and vanillaß-some combination of those flavors always works!

I think I am going to install a fro yo machine in my dream house. And a pool. And a huge fitness center. Oh yah, and bedrooms and a kitchen would be nice too 😉

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for direct flights. I got home only 20 minutes after my flight took off last night……well, because of the time change, I did!
  2. I am grateful for the desire and ability to socialize. You learn SO much from listening to and meeting new people!
  3. I am grateful I get to teach BodyPUMP tonight. I have missed it in the last 3 days!! (BodyPUMP withdrawals anyone?!

What do YOU usually get when in the airport in terms of food?? What would be in YOUR dream home??

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  1. Glad you are on the way home. Honestly, I steer clear of Subway’s chicken because if you look at it, it doesn’t really look like chicken is supposed to…I always go with the plain veggie sandwich. It doesn’t taste plain at all because there are so many other delicious veggies to add.
    I’ll come visit your house for the pool, the gym and the yogurt machine. You can use the little girls room at my house, since yours won’t have one. =)

    • It’s true, that chicken didn’t look that great….but I needed some protein for the day and Subway has like NO vegeterian options. BOO. I wish they had tofu, or beans or something?

      Please do come to my house, when it’s completed 😉

  2. I always just bring my own food because it’s so overpriced at the airport and you don’t know what to expect!

    • I usually do too, but because I was coming home from a work event, I did not have time to hit up a grocery store. But your’e right SO much better to BYO! :)

  3. caroline orien says:

    I second Lara’s comment except I’d move in! I usually bring apples and protein bars to the airport. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought food at an airport…



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