Losing Weight Weight Lifting

Whoa that was a long title….say it five times fast: losing weight weight lifting, losing…… hah. kidding.

Hey you! How’s it been going so far today? I am almost done with training and get to fly back tonight, woot! It has been an amazing and empowering experience to say the least :)

Health question time!

So, many of my clients, fitness class participants, friends, family members, –um, yeah, pretty much everyone has asked me this question in one form or another : “I’ve heard you gain weight when weight training for females, especially—is that true, or do we lose weight weight lifting?”

my hotel's stack of weights-not too shabby!

Well, it is actually yes to both. Surprised? Let me explain.

Losing Weight Weight Lifting

Weight training for females is often a scary step in the fitness experience, probably because it used to be taboo for them to do so. It was considered a man’s sport for so long. Men DO get bulky and big when they train that way (high weights, low reps).

Women, however, do not have enough of that hormone (Testosterone) to produce such large muscles. *Women who do want to get big or bulky (i.e. for fitness competitions) need to take hormones and other supplements to do so.

With that being said, however, everyone does gain weight when they lift weights more often. BUT it is weight WE want! It is muscle weight! Over time that muscle weight (aka more muscle cells/fibers) allows for more energy to be used up and processed faster. This translates into a higher metabolism and a natural burning of calories mechanism (i.e. eventual body fat loss if calorie consumption does not change).

Doesn’t sound so bad, eh?


At the beginning of a new weight training program a woman may see an increase of body weight on the scale and may feel ‘bulky’ because of the added muscle + fat. If she keeps with the weight training plan, the additional muscle WILL burn more calories at rest than if that extra weight were fat. It is a GOOD thing to have more muscle on the body’s frame, and with time and patience, the overall body weight WILL decrease, transforming the woman into having a more toned, fit look (i.e how to shed body fat!)

There is nothing to be afraid of when approaching weights or machines. You can join in the losing weight weight lifting mantra — just by picking up some dumb bells and getting started! And remember, it is all about sticking with it and finding something that works for YOU.

*If you have questions, there are tons of resources online or email me at [email protected] and I can answer your personal inquiries.


Oh, and remember, most experts say that percent of body fat is WAY more important than a general body weight number in terms of fitness, health and disease.

Fitness, wellness, and health are part of an ongoing journey, not a destination, so now is the time to hop on that amazing journey that is YOU and your health :)

Have a lovely day–see ya next time from home!

What are some other myths about losing weight weight lifting (or gaining weight) that YOU might have heard??

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  1. I can’t help it. I still get a little nervous about weight training because my arms have a serious tendency to bulk up if I’m not careful. To the point where shirt sleeves get too tight! I hate that!! I pretty much stick to low weights….

    • Totally understandable!

      Low weights with longer duration can prove the same effects as well. So try to do an exercise for longer :) AWESOME to lift weights no matter how! :)

  2. Very interesting post and something I’ve been thinking about lately! I LOVE Body Pump, but I get nervous about “bulking up” if I lift too much weight. Still not sure how I feel about it, but I’m feeling a bit more reassured by your post :)

  3. Very informative babe!! It took me a long time to realize that I was gaining weight in muscle rather than fat….It took me an even longer time to get over the fact that my weight was going up! Then I threw away the scale and enjoyed being fit and feeling strong!

    • I know, it is a hard concept to understand….and CAN be frustrating.

      BUT, good things happen to those who weight (hahaha. or WAIT. I love that I just messed up a type and it became a pun. I think I am going to use that for a post title soon…. πŸ˜‰ )

  4. Try this website..


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