Body Of Fitness On Vacation

Monday seems to show up every seven days…..weird πŸ˜‰

But because I love Mondays, this is a good thing.

While I am off traveling for work (didn’t ya know, I landed a sweet personal health coach position for a huge national company—To say I am stoked would be a HUGE understatement), I thought I’d leave you with some fun information about staying fit on vacation. Welcome to Summer Series at its best.

my breakfast today- smoothie in a bowl!

Body of Fitness …..On Vacation

Ahhhhh vacation. While vacation is meant to be enjoyed and relaxing, there are ways to sneak in activity in a fun way. Vacation is a great time to explore new options of moving your body, trying great new foods, and rejuvenating the mind.

  1. Seek out fun, outdoor activities. Try a bike ride around the city, a hike in nearby woods or mountains, or walking along the beach. Zip lining, boating, water skiing, and paddle boarding are also fun outdoor activities to try if you like more ‘sporty’ things to do.
  2. Stock up on essentials. Head to the nearest grocery store and get staples of fruit, veggies, grains, and beans. It is cheaper this way, and then eat out for special meals (i.e. dinner, Saturday brunch, or a decadent dessert).
  3. Body of Fitness -anywhere. If you want to keep your body of fitness while having fun, sneak in some moves in your room. Try jumping jacks, burpees, squat jumps, toe touches, running in place, and planks. Grab some cans (from your stash) and use them to do bicep curls, overhead presses, and chest flys.
  4. Relax. It is okay to not think about your body of fitness everysingleminuteoftheday. HAVE fun on vacation. And indulge when YOU want to. Don’t waste calories or time on foods that don’t taste THAT good. For example, I don’t love cake, but I LOVE ice cream. So if cake & ice cream is offered, I usually decline the cake and dive head first into the ice cream. πŸ˜‰
  5. Try yoga or stretching. Vacation is a great time to switch up your normal routine. If you usually don’t stop to breathe, take yoga. If you hate stretching, do it on vacation. You’ll be stronger and fitter when you return if you keep that body guessing!

Of course not every vacation is suitable for keeping up your body of fitness you’ve worked so hard for (or are working on), so it is okay to take REST during the vacation.

and to eat your favorites while on vacay

The other weekend, I did not have a traditional ‘workout’ for 2 days in a row. My body was itching (and wanting!) to move more, so Monday rolled around and I hit it hard.

SO do this one thing:Β Listen to your body. If it wants REST on vacation, give it that. If it wants a little bit of fitness, do some moves in your room. If it wants a daily morning run, then lace up and hit the scenic new-to-you areas. Whatever your goals are, they will not blow up on vacation if you keep them in mind when making decisions there.

And last of all, HAVE FUN!

goof balls

My favorite vacation, you wonder?? Our honeymoon. It was magical, perfect, tropical, and…..3 weeks long— bliss with my sweetheart. Second favorite? Anytime we’ve gone to Switzerland to visit (my mom is from there). Gorgeous views, majestic mountains, amazing hikes, incredible food.


Happy Monday everyone!

What has been YOUR favorite vacation?? Where would YOU go if you could choose (time/money not an issue)?? Do YOU like ‘working out’ (and keeping up that body of fitness) while on vacay??

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  1. AH! Congrats on the new gig! That’s AWESOME!!! My favorite vacay must be our honeymoon, as well! We love anywhere tropical that has warm weather and beaches! We always work out on vacation because there is plenty of time in the day and we both enjoy it. (Sometimes it is not a “traditional work out.”) I would love to travel to Europe… never been before!

  2. Alicia Baer says:

    Congrats Chicka! Tell us more! What company is it? I am so happy for you:)

  3. I just got back from Costa Rica a week ago. I love vacations, but after going out of the country I think I prefer staying in the country. I do like to workout during vacations, only because it seems to balance a lot out from all the extra eating and drinking I do.

  4. caroline orien says:

    My favorite vacation was the trip I took with Jason to Australia/New Zealand. Seriously amazing. If money wasn’t an issue, we would go again in a heartbeat. And perhaps have a few stops along the way.

    Congrats on the job!!!! You rockstar you.

  5. I lake healthy food of my body and i candy to and I love to eat good example a and healthy foods i love to do body of fitness and Enjoy my healthy body and I love fit to

    love Sara Bailey


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