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Happy weekend to you all! In honor of the weekend, let’s talk delicious food, shall we?

I did not realize my love for Mexican food until I went to college in Utah, where Mexican eateries abound. I fell in love with a restaurant called “Cafe Rio,” and my passion for the stuff was born.

However, not all Mexican eateries make my body happy….so I have found some things that work. Like give me some salsa, limes, lettuce, bell peppers, cilantro, tortillas, and black beans and I am a happy woman.

Oh and chicken, plain Greek yogurt, tortilla chips, and cheese are nice additions too πŸ˜‰ Let’s just plate all of it, eh??

Meal Idea 1.

Gimme gimme

This meal consisted of:

  • lean ground turkey (cooked on the stovetop in salsa)
  • with bell peppers
  • eaten on top of greens, with a glob of Greek yogurt, more salsa, and chips on the side.

Healthy AND eating it? Yep.

This meal was ‘more healthy’ than a meal at a Mexican restaurant because of subbing the sour cream out with yogurt, adding more beans, using lean turkey instead of beef, and adding in more vegetables. I omitted the cheese for me that night, but my husband ate his with cheese. Gotta think ‘course nutrition sometimes πŸ˜‰

Meal Idea 2.


This meal consisted of:

  • beans, corn, tomatoes, cilantro, and onion salad
  • eaten on top of greens
  • with salsa on the side
  • small piece of grilled chicken on the side
  • and tortilla chips on the side

Healthy AND eating it?

Yep, this meal was ‘healthified’ in subbing out greens for a massive tortilla (I chose chips instead of the tortilla that night–I like crunch more than a wrap. Besides, eating it on top of greens allows you to eat more of the corn/bean salad. Stuffing my face with extra beans = what is diet to me. hah). Eating chicken on the side instead of beef, using salsa instead of guacamole (usually the kinds made in restaurants are not all that great for you….), and omitting the gobs of cheese eateries like to add.

Meal 3.

indoor lighting bites....

Healthy AND eating it?

Yep, this one too, is super ‘healthy.’

This meal consisted of:

  • chicken, beans, bell peppers, and salsa cooked on the stove top
  • rolled up into a ‘light’ wrap
  • eaten with salsa, greens, and tons of Greek yogurt
  • also chips on the side

This was ‘healthified’ as I dumped in tons of beans and peppers (you can’t see it, sorry!), and added gobs of Greek yogurt (instead of high-saturated-fat-sour-cream). I love the creaminess of the yogurt that adds a nice touch to the spiciness of the dish.

If you haven’t tried Greek yogurt with Mexican food, this is my command to do so πŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful weekend!

What is YOUR favorite ‘type’ of cuisine?? What do YOU do, if you do, to make it ‘healthified’??

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  1. greek yogurted subbed as sour cream is THE BEST! and i’m a huge mexican fan! this is one of my favorite/different recipes: jonny even loved it!!

  2. Oooh I love mexican food :) And you can def do it healthy!

  3. caroline orien says:

    I don’t have a favorite type. I just love food!

  4. I loooove Mexican food and Thai food. I definitely do the greek yogurt sub & I love to make taco salads :)

  5. So glad I found your blog! Mexican food is def a favorite of mine and I am glad I found ways to make it way healthier :)

  6. I think dessert is my fave type of cuisine. LOL

    I love Mexican though and sushi/Chinese/Japanese. Mexican is the best to make healthier though. Its so easy and still so flavorful. All of your combos look great!

  7. I totally love Greek yogurt in place of sour cream!!

    I can’t really pick a fav type of cuisine but I love Italian…I use whole wheat pasta and roast veggies to puree into the sauce too….

    Mexican food rocks!


  1. adriana nicole

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