Hey, hey! So true, it is helpful to know how to shed body fat, especially because all too often it is the body fat that stands in our way to being healthy and fit, not the weight number.

Today’s a.m. workout:

  • 35 mins of h%4# <—-a.k.a. HIIT training on the treadmill at its best
  • 20 mins light cardio (elliptical)
  • 10 mins yoga stretches

downdog how I love thee....(source)

I woke up not feeling so excited to do a HIIT cardio workout, but I knew that it was in my best interest….and I had planned it out the night before, and I HATE letting myself down. It is worse than letting others down (for me, at least).

I dragged my feet, stuck them in my shoes, brushed my teeth, threw on clothes, and got to it. After a quick 1 min warm up, I wanted to RUN. I wanted it. I have NO idea where that inner motivation came from, but I banged out some serious running on that dreadmill treadmill. I ran faster, harder, and stronger than ever before!! <—- slight exaggeration maybe 😉

HIIT cardio routine of death… looked like this:

min: 0-1, 3.0 mph

min: 1-3, 7.0 mph

min 3-4, 8.0 mph

min 4-5, 6.0 mph

min 5-6, 8.1 mph

and so on to 35 minutes (getting up to 9.5 mph). (p.s. I took 1 min walking at 3.0 mph twice more)



This was NO joke. And I have no idea where it came from (I might have a slight inkling), but I am definitely faster, stronger, and fitter than I have ever been. And you know what? It feels AMAZING.

I also believe that because I planned it, wanted it, and put my mind to it, I was able to finish it. It was one h&$% of a workout, and I was SO nasty by the end (just think wet, dripping, sticky, etc.), but it really made me proud of how far I’ve come.

Ya see, I was really skinny several years ago–yes–and I ate very little and exercised a lot, but I was not necessarily ‘fit.’ I didn’t weight much, I went to the gym daily, but I did the same cardio every day. I ate the same foods every day. And I never deterred (if I was forced to I’d freak out). Yes, my body fat percentage was low, but it was actually unhealthily low. AND it was because there wasn’t much of me, not because of my training my muscles, really.

All I am saying is I am a changed person. I love lifting weights. I love changing up my exercise routine (swimming, anyone?!?). And I eat more varied foods. And I am fit. Booyah!

with my little sis

And you know what, it feels empowering, sexy, and awesome.

What feels even better, though, is helping others feel the same. And that is why I love my job(s) :)

Have a healthy day!!

What do YOU do first thing in the morning?? Is there a ‘measure’ for being fit, do YOU think??

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  1. Elena says:

    You are fantastic.
    You are an example and an inspiration for me. Thanks to show me how.


    (sorry for the mistakes but I’m Italian)

  2. Alicia Baer says:

    I made your green smoothie!!! SOOOO GOOD! Felt very healthy!

  3. Great post! You are so right that HIIT is important as well as lifting and I love that you got that inner motivation. There is nothing I love more than when I start a workout I was dreading only to find myself feeling strong and super motivated to push hard through the workout. This post just inspired me to write out my next HIIT sesh. I’ve been just wingin’ it lately!

  4. Good call on strength vs. skinniness. I’m trying to lose some first-real-job-stress-eating pounds, but trying to not become cardio obsessive. I’m super into strength training right now, because it feels great to feel fierce.

    • I agree! So fierce. ANd hot. ANd sexy :)

      Cardio IS a good thing, but for long periods of time at a steady state….not going to do much for ya (or anyone).

  5. caroline orien says:

    First thing in the morning? I do a few stretches but I don’t workout until after work. (My gym doesn’t open until 5:30, and I don’t think I would go earlier anyways… haha)

    • Yikes, I wouldn’t go before 5:30 either. Hah

      Stretching would be a good thing to do right in the a.m., thanks for the idea!!

  6. Terry says:

    You are very motivated. I wish to have that motivation you have. I have been wanting to start to workout but don’t know how to begin. I have a membership at a gym but I don’t go. Your advice or help would be appreciated. My goal is to lose weigh, tone up and feel good about myself. I have two young kids who need me to be energetic. Thanks for your time.

    • My advice is simply to start somewhere. If you have a membership at a gym, set a goal to go try it out for 15 minutes. Then once you’ve done that, set a goal for the next week to go 2x that week for at least 15 minutes, and on and on. Small & simple steps lead to lifestyle changes! Good luck!
      annette recently posted…Friday Favorites {7/24/15}My Profile


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