Epic in Food and Show

Hey! Friday has come. And the workout has come and gone (taught Zumba :)). Breakfast has come and gone:

pineapple + almond milk + ice smoothie

Epic Show

And Harry Potter has come….and gone. The world-wide phenomena has ended, because the final movie has been released. It is a bittersweet day for me. I totally loved this series, and felt a part of the wizarding world (how cool would that be?!).

To keep it quiet, I will not reveal the movie and its plot, but let’s just say it was (and is) epic. And I am glad I forgot about bedtime, and stayed up SO late to see it. I don’t think I’ve ever crawled into bed that late….since my early 20’s, at least 😉 SO worth it!

Epic Food

I have eaten some really yummy, and epic, food lately, so I might as well share. I know, I am so nice :)

(These pictures all came from different meals, snacks, and were eaten on different days)


my plate

veggie patty + lettuce + laughing cow cheese + ketchup on whole wheat bread

side tasting plate

Wanna see my husband’s plate?

His: double meat patty on 2 slices of white bread

In his defense, he ate from the tasting plate (fruits & veggies), ‘course nutrition! But he always eats his meat first :)



This was epic : frozen berries, tons of ice, almond milk, choc protein powder, and caramel sauce. AMAZING smoothie.


freezer jam + sunflower seed nut butter

still obsessed, obviously!



Didn’t know chocolate could be a snack? Well, I think I just answered in the affirmative.

And this bar was amazing. Was, yes. Demolished? Totally. Epic? Oh yeah.

If only I had eaten the bar while watching Harry Potter 7.2 (also called 2nd part of the Deathly Hallows) last night…..nahhhh it would have distracted me from the movie 😉

Have a great Friday!!

What EPIC food have YOU eaten lately?? Did YOU see Harry Potter 7.2 yet?!!

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  1. Chocolate as an epic snack? Definitely! Although I tend to opt for a Kellogg’s FiberPlus(R) bar most of the time for my chocolate indulgence. Glad you had a good time at the movie! I can’t wait to go and see it myself.

  2. That chocolate looks great….thanks to the toffee in it! It is weird how trader joe’s has such good chocolate…. maybe someone who owns the company is part swiss or something. =)

  3. I haven’t seen HP7 yet because I’m waiting for the crowds to die down a bit :)



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