Sunscreen + Thankful Thursday

Hey all. Oh what a glorious day! Lots to do on my agenda, but first, let’s tackle a health/sun question and thankful stuff first, shall we?


As another installment of the Summer Series, I thought I should probably address the sunscreen issue….and how I never used to wear it.

Yah, like never. Here’s how it used to be: I would burn once or twice during the beginning of the Summer, and then my skin would turn a nice shade of dark brown for the rest of the Summer (along with my hair getting more white/blonde), so I believed my skin was ‘used’ to the sun, and did not need the protection.

I told you I am not perfect 😉

Pretty far from it, actually. But on this account, I was dead wrong.

I thought I would never get a ‘tan’ if I wore sunscreen, so I never wore it much.

you still get tan if you wear sunscreen! See above!

Wrong again.

Most sunscreens boast protection from both the UVA and UVB rays. Both UVs are considered dangerous, with UVA being more responsible for most of the UV radiation (that comes to earth), which contributes to cancer and aging in humans. UVB rays are higher in energy, and these rays cause sunburn and an increased cancer risk to us. Yikes!

Basically, the sun’s rays are powerful, and once our precious skin is exposed to those rays, the cells in our skin are stimulated, leading to cell damage, inflammation, burns, and eventual (and probable) aging and/or cancer.


Once I realized the science/anatomy behind it all, I decided that I was NOT immune to those harmful rays JUST because I get a nice tan color (and no burn). Those rays still penetrate my skin and sink into my cells, causing irreversible damage.

Let’s just say I haven’t been outside once during this Summer without at least sunscreen on my face!<—I use Aveeno, love that stuff (I try to remember to put it sunscreen all over my body, but sometimes I forget and just jump into the pool. Like I said, no perfection here!)

HI! I wear sunscreen!

Obviously it is up to each of us to guard our skin (and our lives), but, if there is protection out there, why NOT take it?

It’s like in Harry Potter……


…..okay, okay. I won’t go there (but I AM seeing the midnight showing TONIGHT! Can ya tell I am stoked?!)

Just wear the blasted sunscreen, okay?! :)

my fav brand. (source)

By the way, the USDA is requiring sunscreen labeling reforms that puts new, clearer labels on sunscreen bottles to help consumers understand the information and stay safe. All bottles are required to carry this simple information by 2012. Look for ’em next year!

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful that tonight I am seeing the final installment of Harry Potter. I adore the books (and the movies are pretty good). And I am just a tad sad that the whole thing is over…..yah, I am kind of obsessed. But in a non-freakish way, promise 😉
  2. I am grateful for an amazing family!
  3. I am so thankful for the peace that comes from living a spiritual life.

Do YOU wear sunscreen?? What is YOUR favorite brand?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. i used to be soooooooooo dumb about sunscreen! now i’m like: shoot, i don’t want wrinkles, much less cancer! ah! lather me up, baby! and i love aveeno, as well. i find that it’s non-greasy and doesn’t make my face break out. i’m thankful for having my summers off and being able to fit multiple work outs in each day! :) :) love it!

    • Me too :) How was the class today?! Killer as usual?

      • major killer! diana and i did a 3 mile run right before the class, plus we did some weights the day before, so uhhh yeah. now, i value the day-between-lifting-weights rule a lot more!

  2. Gah! SO jealous you’re seeing the midnight showing! I hope I can see it this weekend!!

  3. Have fun at HP! I’m always so miserable at the end of a midnight showing that I actually called off work and plan to go tomorrow morning!

  4. Ohh loved your wedding and engagement photos! So fun~~You looked gorgeous. and this is such a great informational post! I learned at school about UVB and UVA and their importance, kind of forgot some so this was a good reminder haha! I also use Aveeno and sometimes Shiseido. But are great in my opinion!

  5. caroline orien says:

    I wear sunscreen when I purposely “lay out” or go to the pool. Never when I am working outside or running outside- just cause I’ve never picked up that habit.

    I am thankful for a job! And for family that I get to see this weekend! And thankful that HP is coming out! wahoo!

    • Yeah, wearing it while working out would be a good idea 😉

      YAH for family!!! And a job!! And HP :) I feel similarly, can ya tell?!



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