Nutrition And Weight Management

Happy mid-week! It is going slowly, but that is okay by me….I’ve got to finish the 7th HP book (for the 5th time<—nerd alert) before the midnight showing (yes, miss sleepy head is going) of the 2nd part of the 7th movie!!

That was a mouthful.

I read part of the book while running on the treadmill. No, I don’t get sick. No, the book has never fallen off. And yes, I love multi-tasking while exercising. (I also had to train my eyes to be able to read while running….this is probably how I aced all my classes in my undergrad and grad degrees. hAH! It doesn’t hurt that I love to read, either!)

a.m. Workout:

sunflower buttah drizzles

new fav obsession?? Sunflower butter. That stuff is addicting

mango muffins on top!

Nutrition and Weight Management

On that note, did ya know that I used to be ‘afraid’ of nuts and nut butter? I know, crazy, right? When I was obsessed with being thin (and too thin, I was), I ‘thought’ I was doing my body a favor. When in actuality I was starving it of nutrients, proper nutrition, and really yummy food.

I now LOVE nuts and nut butters (minus the peanuts and peanut butter), and have at least 1-2 servings per day. In most of my graduate work, and in helping professors as a research assistant, I came upon much research on the topic. Research has shown:

  1. Nuts and nut butters should be part of a healthy diet.
  2. Eating a serving (or two) of nuts and/or nut butters per day could aide in weight management & weight loss.
  3. Proper nutrition and weight management are strongly linked.
  4. Eating nuts/nut butter may help prevent later chronic disease(s) such as some cancers, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia.

Those are just ‘snippets’ of what tons and tons of research are churning out : proper nutrition and weight management go hand in hand, and are a MUST when desiring to keep weight (or percent of body fat) in check.

There ‘ya have it. Conventional wisdom always wins! Balancing proper nutrition and weight management is the way to go. You can not just eat broccoli or spinach and expect to be totally healthy. On the flip side, eating only burgers and fries is not going to do much for you in the long (or short) run.

fruits, veggies, & nuts galore!

Proper nutrition consists of a good balance of whole wheat carbohydrates, tons of veggies and fruits, some nuts/nut butters, beans and legumes, fish, lean meat/eggs/some dairy (or substitutes), and a small sprinkling of FUN (i.e. ice cream, chocolate, white bread, fries).

To maintain a healthy weight over time, it is about balancing that nutrition and weight management (or percent of body fat management, if that ‘feels’ better). It is NOT about deprivation and crazy diets (oh how I loathe those books/diets!), but about balancing the good stuff with a small sprinkling of the maybe-not-so-good-but-tasty stuff, with tons of activity in there.

If you feel trapped, go the grocery store and grab a few new-to-you items. Get some kale, greek yogurt, sunflower butter (yumm), scallops, lentils, hummus, whole wheat wraps, or jicama. All these foods will help you broaden your vision of what colorful, amazing food can be. Each of these foods boasts (natural) high levels of nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E, B12, B6, Niacin, and Iron, those of which you definitely will not get in a wrapped burger or fries. Nor in a pastry or glorified diet frozen meal.

Nutrition and weight management go hand in hand. If the goal is to maintain weight (or a certain level of body fat), the nutrition must be fulfilled properly.

catching the nut butter theme?

Furthermore, some research has shown the clear indication that following a proper diet, with nutrients coming from whole foods, can aide in weight loss that promotes a healthy body weight.

Sometimes I wish that Snickers bar or frozen yogurt had a little more nutritional value, though…. 😉

sooo tasty, yet so void of many nutrients!

*This post is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, but is offered from a fitness and nutritional professional‘s point of view (and from her own personal experiences and education on the matter)

Have a lovely day!!

Have YOU ever been ‘afraid’ of a food?? What is YOUR stance on this topic?? What food do YOU wish had a better nutritional profile??

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  1. this is so funny because literally just the other day i bought some sunflower butter and i absolutely LOVE it!!! i def wish froyo had a better nutritional profile, however it still does make the perfect treat!

    • I LOVE it too. My jar is almost gone….whoops.

      And yes, it is such an amazing treat….with a whole butt load of yummy sugar :)

  2. That salad looks fantastic – the berries are huge! I agree that healthy fats are CRUCIAL to weight management – you have to feel satisfied!

  3. caroline orien says:

    Afraid of a food? YES. during my undergrad I would only eat peanut butter once a week because of the fat and calorie content.

    In my dreams chocolate chip cookie dough is a health food! (with a side of fro-yo…)

    • I didn’t know that, but glad there is no fear there. My sunflower butter is almost gone…..heh.

      Oh that fro yo. Dang YOU! love that stuff. Its sugar and all :)

  4. Oh my gosh – I’m SO with you on the sunflower butter! I just recently discovered it and have pretty much eaten it every day since :)

  5. Well, my daughter and I are in the middle of re-watching all the Harry Potter movies (loving those first ones the best)! It is a guilty pleasure that has no calories. Same with reading the books.

    I actually think that reading fiction books is very good for stress control. The phrasing is like a boat of words swaying back and forth in the water. Very relaxing for a frazzled person. Relaxed people eat much healthier.

    :-) Marion

  6. Wow! The fruit & nut salad looks delicious! Perfect for summer.

    I know 100% about starving your body with hopes of being “thin”– The media really skews this perception for all of us real girls out there. It’s a pretty sad thing.

    Regardless, you seem like a beautiful girl, inside and out!

    • It is a very VERY sad thing. SO let’s unite and spread the word that that is a VERY stupid thing to do, mmmm kay? :)

      And thank you, that was a sweet compliment. Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. I love to read while on the treadmill. I don’t do it as often here because I don’t have the right treadmill, but for my first marathon in 2005 I did it all the time!! I listen to audiobooks outside though

  8. You make the most interesting foods– it makes me think twice about just eating the same old-same old. Inspiring!


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