Heyyyyyy. Me = very awake & well rested. I slept like a champion last night because I taught 3 fitness classes at 2 different gyms on Monday:

I was shot, but oh how I love my job! (I teach several days a week, which keeps my workouts nice and planned for me.) By the way, if anyone is seriously interested in becoming a fitness instructor, I can totally give ya some tips!

Summer Series, Cont.

Recent posts highlighting Summer Series in all its goodness:


One of the harder strokes to learn and master, breaststroke is a good one to learn because this stroke allows for major core, leg, and arm work to happen. After getting good breaststroke yardage in, you will definitely feel the burn!

see below for the best way to describe this complicated stroke:


When I teach kids (and adults) how to swim, this stroke is the most difficult to explain because so many moving parts happen at various times during the stroke. However, it is the best feeling to be able to glide through the water, almost effortlessly!

Oh, and don’t you want to look like Michael Phelps too? He is a swimming maniac. And is really good at what he does…..and I may have an athlete crush on him. But don’t worry, my husband knows this. (however, I would never want to cook for him—that guy eats like a horse!)


Benefits of the breaststroke:

  1. Major core work. Because the arms and the legs do similar things at different times, the core has to stabilize that movement.
  2. Inner and outer thighs (abductors and adductors) get a really nice workout as well, seeing as those muscles bring the movements full circle (literally).
  3. It is hardcore to be able to do this stroke correctly….which may win you major points at swim parties and activities. Just sayin’!
  4. It is a stroke that actually allows you to breath really easily, without tons of water coming up your nose.
  5. It allows you to channel your inner-frog. Heh.

In all seriousness, it is a great stroke to learn because it is fun, challenging, and you can get a fabulous full-body workout in. And if you don’t like it, switch to freestyle or backstroke πŸ˜‰

Have a great day! And don’t forget to check out my recent review of the lateset BodyPUMP release 78! It is a killer, butt-kicking workout.

Have YOU tried the breaststroke?? If so, what is YOUR favorite part about it?? If not, are YOU going to try it now?! :)

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  1. I’m so impressed with instructors like yourself… I take one spin class and couldn’t IMAGINE doing another hour or two of exercise!

    • well, I definitely have to REV myself up for it. I go in thinking ‘I get to teach 3 classes.’ If I went in only thinking it was 1 class, it may end up verrrryyy differently. All about the mindset. HAh.

      I bet you could do it…. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m not big into swimming but “channeling my inner frog” sort of makes me want to be! πŸ˜‰

  3. caroline orien says:

    ah. Michael Phelps. I only watch the swimming olympics because of him! =)
    Breast stroke is awesome- especially when you do it right. And it can be tiring. I love that I can breath for with each stroke.

  4. I’m more a doggie paddle gal myself :) Haha. But I do love watching people who know what they’re doing do the breast stroke!

  5. Well I didn’t realize so many people had a crush, however athletic, on Michael Phelps. =) When I read your blog, I want to jump up and do something. You are inspiring!


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