BodyPUMP Release 78 Review

Hey all! As promised when chatting about ‘course nutrition, come Monday morning– here is your BodyPUMP release 78 review! (took it Sat, taught it today)

I love it like it’s my job. Oh wait, it is (well, one of them) 😉


BodyPUMP is a Les Mills original barbell class that takes weight lifting to whole new level of awesome. The class, of course, targets muscle strength, but its true component that makes people come back for more and more, is the muscle endurance part.

Each major muscle group is ‘targeted’ during each track. The moves are done to different tempos during a song, and the tempos change often, making the class fun, interesting, challenging, and hard WORK. Each song is usually between 4-6 minutes long, by the way!

Oh and the oft’ changing of tempos is a huge plus if anyone wants to build lean muscle, because during a few of the tracks when the heart rate increases and decreases (as a result of the variety of tempos), it gives the body an interval training effect….burning fat and building muscle that much more effectively. Cool, eh?

Spoiler: I don’t go into that much detail below, so it won’t ruin it for anyone who has not tried the 78 release out yet. Promise!


BodyPUMP Release 78 Review

First of all, this release NAILED it. The music is awesome. The moves are challenging, original, and fun. And the tempos and movements work the body to its max. I am a huge fan of this entire release (and that is hard to say of every release, because I usually don’t love a song or two, or don’t love a few moves in some of the releases.)

Below will be my review of each track, and the weight I used (on my barbell, not including the weight of the 1-2lb barbell.)

  • Warmup : Song- Saturday. I love this song-it is upbeat, funky, and has great lyrics. The warmup goes through each muscle group giving them a nice warming up for the whoooping to come! Weight : 25 lbs.
  • Squats : Song- Beautiful Monster (with synthesizer). This track is FULL of bottom halves, singles, and super slows (4 counts down, 4 counts up), meaning the heart gets a MAJOR spike every time those singles hit, and the pressure builds in the quads during those bottom halves. This track hurts so good. A VERY challenging track, that is for sure. And a long one too, clocking in right around 5:40 mins! Weight : 50 lbs.

  • Chest : Song- Sweet Child O’ Mine. The second this track starts, everyone recognizes the song and is psyched to begin, which is a good thing because this is by far the hardest track in the entire release (the squat track is a pretty close 2nd, though!) This track includes tons of singles (1 count down, 1 count up), and lots of isometric holds (hovering the barbell right above the chest), thus recruiting more muscle fibers, and allowing the body to literally get stronger right there. It is super challenging to finish off the track (probably because the short rest doesn’t come until after 4 sets of work!), but it can be done. And it clocks it right around 5:40 mins as well. Hard stuff, so I went down in weight a bit so I could keep my form correct while finishing the whole track. Form comes first, or else you’re wasting your time if your form is incorrect! Weight : 30 lbs.

  • Back : Song- Tonight Is The Night 2K10. Tons of synthesizers, a great beat, and the power move (the Clean and Press) make this track undeniably exhilarating. This track is challenging because it asks the participants to do 4 clean & presses in a row, then 4 dead rows in a row, and then 4 clean & presses in a row AGAIN….3 different times throughout the track–that is 24 clean & presses in less than 5:30 mins! WowZers! Once again, I went down in weight, and then felt like that was too easy so I put some more back on. Just call me animal 😉 Weight : 35 lbs….and then it became 40 lbs after the 2nd set.

dead row (source)


  • Triceps : Song- Yeah 3x. Party song with great moves. What more can you ask for? Lots of (lying down on a bench) tricep presses, tricep extensions, and tricep kickbacks (kneeling), but the major burn comes at the end of the tricep presses when we do over 12 bottom halves….after our triceps are on fire. Let’s just say “mind over muscle” is a mantra that will be said over the mic when I teach that part 😉 Weight : 25 lbs.

  • Biceps : Song- Raise Your Glass. Another party song that gets the people in the mood to work and have fun! This track is fun, with simple bicep curls and biceps rows. What the not-so-fancy moves have in simplicity, the amount of reps makes up for that ease….twice. After a super hard set, we do the super hard set all. over. again. Let’s just say I couldn’t really hold the steering wheel so great after this one! Weight : 20 lbs.

  • Lunges : Song- Firework. This track was literally on fire, moving from squats to lunges to squats to lunges to squats to squats to lunges to lunges. Not. even. joking. That is how much it switches, recruiting every large (and small) muscle in the legs, glutes, and core. Oh, and it happens for 6 brutal (but fun!) minutes. I don’t even know how to write about this one… is almost surreal how crazy awesome (and challenging) this track is. However, it is not as challenging if the lunge is done incorrectly, or if there is not enough weight loaded on the bar. Weight: 35 lbs.



  • Shoulders : Song- Welcome to Africa. Starts slow (with pushups!), and gets more intense and exciting as the track goes on. There is almost no rest in this track, so we bang out supersets of deltoid raises, side raises, mac raises, and then do it all over again (with plates in hand). And then we use the barbell to do overhead presses to finish the shoulders off. Sounds fun, right?! Right. Weight: 5 lb plates in each hand. Barbell:25 lbs.

  • Abs : Song- Please Don’t Go. A slower song that makes your core work the slower movements. Usually people crunch like its their job, but in reality, slower, controlled movements are what makes for a stronger, fitter core. This song plays at that perfectly. Each move in this track hits all areas of the core : upper and lower abdominals (slow crunches), love handles (hey, they are a part of the core too!), obliques, and transversus abdominus (planks off the bench, rocking forward and back). Get ready for a rock solid core! Weight : Body only, no weight needed.

  • Cooldown : Song- Just A Dream. The perfect way to end class….stretching those muscles out. Releasing the muscles and giving them a slight stretch helps reduce soreness, muscle tension, and other tightening that could occur after weight train workouts. It feels good too!

Well, there you have it. If you are interested in taking a BodyPUMP class, check your local gyms to see if they offer it, because BodyPUMP is THE class to have fun lifting weights, get toned, and get in a killer workout. You will walk away feeling stronger, sexier, and more confident. And, If you don’t, it’s kinda your fault….or you’re probably not lifting enough weight 😉

Have a lovely Monday!

Which of the tracks sound the most challenging to YOU? Which track would be YOUR favorite?? What do YOU love about BodyPUMP??

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  1. I can never think in terms of poundage. I just think “1 large, 1 medium, 1 small” :)

    Maybe I’ll get the new release on Friday!

  2. Woo, I love your recap! I did the new release yesterday and loved it :) I actually went on Saturday to try it, but the class was full — not enough equipment! But it’s okay — I’m glad I fit it in on Sunday — and it felt so good! I think I’m ready to increase some of my weights … I feel myself getting stronger! How many times a week do you recommend for women?

    • Yeah, 78 is pretty magical! Def try to increase your weights, you are prob stronger than you think you are 😉

      BodyPUMP recommends 3x/week!

  3. caroline orien says:

    Seriously, I wish we lived in the same city. I would go to all your body pump classes. You are that good. I love the body pump ab workouts and I’d love to do a body pump workout to Yeah x3.


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