‘Course Nutrition

Happy weekend. I bet it feels amazing, so get out into the sunshine, or pool :)

But first, check out some of my recent eats. It may give you ideas….or it may not. Hah.

When assembling meals, recipes, or snacks, I always keep in mind what is diet to me : fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats. A ‘course nutrition is my number one when deciding upon foods. But like I’ve mentioned with intuitively eating, I always go with what I feel like or am in the mood for.

Each day is different, obviously, so after checking with what I want, thinking a ‘course nutrition stats, I assemble and go. I am a no-nonsense cook and baker. Meaning I don’t always make it look pretty, but it usually tastes great (and is stock full of yummy nutrients) πŸ˜‰

Mexican Inspired

Chicken Bean Tortilla Dinner

Greek plain yogurt = sour cream (in my book)


What I did:

  • cut up chicken and cooked it in a skillet with garlic, red pepper, salsa, onions, beans, and bell peppers
  • rolled it up into a tortilla with lettuce
  • topped it with Greek Yogurt.
  • eaten with a side of chips, salsa, and lettuce

This was amazing. I like the addition of the creamy Greek yogurt to calm down the hotness of the pepper (I added chili pepper, b/c I like it HOT!)

Chocolate Inspired


What I did:

  • Unwrap a Dove Dark Chocolate Ice cream bar
  • Eat said bar, savoring it, and saying mmmmm after every lick


  • make sure you eat it while wearing leopard print socks (to protect my feet while icing them)

Pizza Inspired

hello, gorgeous!

What I did:

  • made easy whole wheat pizza crust (recipe to come). SO easy.
  • topped my husband’s pizza with tons of cheese + pepperoni

husband's dream come true

  • topped my pizza (he can eat it too if he wants) with sauce, zucchini, spinach, bell peppers, garlic, small bits of chicken, cheese <—pictured above on the top rack in the oven
  • another pizza (pic below) was topped with pesto, artichokes, spinach, and BRIE cheese <—AMAZING pizza.

brie, spinach, artichoke, pesto pizza

Smoothie In A Bowl Inspired

Yumm. Guess what is on top?!


What I did:

I am excited for some more “a’ course nutrition ” minded food this weekend, and you betcha there will also be chocolate involved :)

P.s. BEEE excited for my review on Monday of the newest BodyPUMP release 78 launch!! (The launch happened this morning!) Hint : I am already sore (and it’s only been 45 min since the class!)…..to get yourself pumped,Β BodyPUMP release 77 review found here.

What ‘inspired’ food mood are YOU usually in?? Do YOU consider “a’ course nutrition ” when making YOUR meals??

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  1. OH GIRL….this post is making me drool. I NEED your pizza RIGHT NOW!!! Holy cow, you are a chef. Love the his and her’s….we are the SAME way!

  2. His and hers pizzas are too cute! Everything looks delish!

  3. His and her pizzas – cute idea – I should do that. My guy eats meat and I’m a vegan so usually he has to give up something on his pizza. πŸ˜‰

  4. You rock my world! Everything you ate looks fantastic…I’ve never tried those Dove bars…I’ve always been skeptical of a soap company making ice cream πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    When making my meals I think fruits, veg, whole grains and protein! I try to make sure I hit all of those in whatever meal I am preparing…

    I love crumbled muffins on top of smoothies…I hope to do that this week as I hope to make muffins today!!

    • Oh, DOVE is really good (and I am a chocolate snob)! I think about making my meals the same way…..

      hope you have a crumbled one of your muffins on a smoothie today!! πŸ˜‰


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