When It’s Time

Hey Friday :) I am super awake today because of a rockin’ Zumba class I taught. I did a few new songs which included PitBull’s “Pause,” and Daddy Yankee’s “Ven Conmigo.” Both totally set the tone for a perfect “shake your booty” class (my personal fav)!

The other day, however, I was not so awake. I was soooo tired, my body ached. I realized my body just needed something light so I took my fitness advice and all I did was very light elliptical work and stretch/foam rolled. And you know what, I felt so SO much better afterwards.

foam roller, how I love thee (sourcE)

This got me thinking to something I’ve noticed….Too often people who love fitness, attend tons of fitness classes, or work out all. the. time. forget that the body NEEDS and craves rest! (I sometimes forget too, b/c I am type A, a perfectionist, and my job revolves around fitness!)

But, did ya know that the research shows that taking rest days (or even 1 whole rest week, I KNOW! a whole week!), actually proves for a stronger, fitter, more toned body——-> and more results afterwards? It is true.


And I tried it out myself. I took a week off of BodyPUMP, went back to it & the first class back was a little rough, yes, but the second one back? Total amazingness! I could lift more than before the ‘rest week.’ A weight training plan (and cardio) should include just that : a plan for a break!

And my running times doing some HIIT cardio? I can run faster for longer than I had before (the rest week). Woot.

I actually used to hate to run (in HS I played lacrosse + field hockey, so I was forced to run. It was torture). Then I loved it (college) and did a ton of races. And then I od’ed on the treadmill (one time ran 17 miles on that thing. yikes.), and hated it again. And now I like running for shorter (+ faster) distances (no more than 4 miles on a treadmill please!!)

my 2nd marathon, with my sista

Life is too precious to ruin the body so quickly (we all do die at some point), so spread it out over time by taking a rest week here and there 😉

Long story short : Give yourself a break. Sleep in a little. Take a week off if that is where your body needs it. Listen up to that amazing machine you’ve got. And most important of all? Be kind to yourself. You are more amazing, beautiful, incredible, and stronger than you think you are!

Have a VERY happy Friday!

If YOU were to take a whole week off from fitness/training, what would YOU do with the extra time?? Have YOU seen a difference after a rest day or week in terms of strength and/or speed?

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  1. I’m a huge believer in rest! I must take one rest day a week and will happily take more if I need to. My body certainly feels stronger and performs better with good rest. Great post!

  2. I love this post!

    You’re so right, that sometimes taking a week off is just what our body needs. I did this last month, and chose to just enjoy a few walks here and there. Nothing intense or “forced”. It felt great and I returned to my regular workout routine with full gusto and motivation. Sometimes this is JUST what the body needs. 😀

  3. I am leaving for vacation on Monday and actually thinking of taking the entire week off from working out. Lately it feels as if I have been at war with my body, tired and not recovering as well from workouts..I have taken time off before and I have came back strong as ever..just takes a force to get me out of the gym.


  1. […] is also important to take it one day at a time and realize when enough is enough. Ask your body what it needs, and listen […]



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