Weight Train

Hey all! Having a good week so far? I sure am!

I am feeling nice and sore from last night’s BodyPUMP class (talked about during yesterday’s living healthy and eating post), but it is a good thing, promise.

On that note, how many of us LOVE to weight train? Not many, I am sure. But, the benefits of weight training for females are endless (and males too, but usually they don’t have a prob with this all. hah). Seriously, who wants a rock hard body?? Um, me please. But that means I gotta put in that work 😉


Weight Train

To weight train properly, it is important to decide what YOU want to tackle and then go for it. Just DO it. The following workouts are ideas which you can use, or mix and match & come up with your own versions, and go at it! Remember ideas for weight selection can be found.

Definitions of some words, first:

superset: putting two exercises back to back (usually to work the same muscle group, but that doesn’t always have to be the case)

reps: (i.e. repetitions) number of times the exercise is done

sets: a group of reps

Weight Train The Whole Body

Do 8-12 reps of each exercise, 2 sets of all super sets. Use dumbbells (if preferred)

  • Super Set : Squats (with dumbbells) + Overhead Press
  • Super Set : Bent Over Reverse Flys (dumbbells) + Walking Lunges
  • Super Set : Chest Flys + Bicep Curls
  • Super Set : Sumo Squats + Plank Holds (30 seconds)


    Weight Train The Upper Body

    8-12 reps of each

    • Chest Press (best done with a bar, but may use dumb bells)
    • Hammer Curls
    • Standing Overhead Triceps Extensions
    • Upright Row

    Crunches (keeping belly down as you rise)

      repeat 3x (i.e.3 sets)!


      Weight Train The Lower Body

      • Squats
      • Hamstring Curls (with a ball or on a machine)
      • Walking Lunges
      • Reverse Fly
      • Calf Raises

      Remember to weight train 2-4x/week, and let 24 hours pass between weight sessions (for the same muscle groups).

      I have a full day planned of work, teaching swim lessons, practicing some Zumba choreo, getting ready for the BodyPUMP release 78 launch!!, prepping a recipe, and going to another BodyPUMP class (after the 24 hours is up!), so I got to get crackin’!

      Enjoy your day :)

      What weight train move in the gym most intimidates YOU?? What is going on in YOUR day today?

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      1. caroline orien says:

        thanks Annette for the weight training exercise routine!! I am excited to try it!

        My fear is that I will do squats the wrong way and damage my knees.

      2. Great post! Thanks for the tutorials!

      3. I love strength training. It makes me feel strong, and it keeps my workouts interesting. I’m not sure what intimidates me the most, but maybe squats. I want to go heavy, but I often fear I’ll hurt myself if I throw too much weight on the bar.

        • Awww, squats are my fav! So here is what you can think about:

          -butt back and down
          -abs held tightly (to protect the lower back)
          -and butt never going below knee level (at the bottom of the movement)
          -chest lifted
          -and a huge smile on your face :)

          That’ll help keep you from being injured and intimidated, but listen to your body as well, of course!

      4. Great strength routines! I love strength training. Makes me feel super and powerful. Most intimidating? Probably dead lifts, but the more I do them the stronger and better I get at em.

      5. I really need to start weight-training. I’ve always relied on yoga/pilates for that so I never really learned how to deal with weights. I would LOVE to figure it out though!

        • Let me know if you have questions! Try to hit the weights when you can, and you will be hooked :) Go with simple moves to start off with, and then go from there (i.e. squats, chest press, lunges, bicep curls). You’ll be ‘all figured out’ in the weight room before ya know it!

      6. Btw, do you mind me asking which Temple you were married in?? I don’t know where you’re from, but from the look of your pictures it looks like the St.Louis, MO Temple… so cool if it is! I was married there too.

      7. You make this all look so easy! I’m amazed at your dedication!

        • :) passion = FUN!

          • Valeri says:

            I just recently found this website and I really like it. It seems like it has a bunch of cool workouts to do, but there are so many to choose from! I’ve taken one body pump class and I really enjoyed it. Sadly, I’m not a member of a gym, so I no longer have the opportunity to join this class again. I was really hoping you could point me in the right direction of a workout that I could possibly do everyday (or every other day) that would help me get toned and in shape. I know you have many to choose from, but it’s a lot for me to take in all at once. Maybe you could help me choose one? I would really appreciate it! :)

            • I would start with a simple cardio type workout and a strength workout. There are some great DVDs online that you can buy–Jillian Michaels, Les Mills Pump (the DVD version of BodyPump), P90X, Les Mills Combat, Insanity, and more.

              However, with that being said, it’s nice to mix things up too–so creating a circuit of some exercises mixed with other exercises. If you go to Pinterest & look up “at home workouts” you are sure to find some great ones!

              Cheers! :)
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