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Hey all! I guess it is a Monday (for Americans’ work week), but Happy Tuesday :) How was your day off (if you had one)?

Mine was perf. Taught a Zumba class, prepped for the BodyPUMP (release 78) launch!!!, swam for like 4 hours, hung out with my husband, and ate amazing food.

More of this was consumed:

eat me!

And this was played in:

where my <3 is

It was marvelous. Especially since the rain at the beginning of the day almost deterred our plans! But alas, we got the sunshine and the beautimus weather :)

Today’s a.m. workout:

  • HIIT cardio on the stairs (8 intervals = about 40mins with warmup and cool down)
  • 15 min abs work (on a stability ball)
  • later tonight….BodyPUMP!

With Saturday’s post about plating food and last week’s post about what is diet to you, it got me thinking about all the comments. It is amazing to me how MANY of us have struggled (or are struggling) with eating, eating binge(s), and general food decisions.

However, it was also apparent through all the comments that so many of us are living healthy and eating great food (and some junk)….and that it is OKAY to eat the foods we want.


I do not believe in deprivation, crash diets, or crazy fads. Through extensive research, writing, schooling, and personal experiences, I have come to realize (and want to shout from the rooftops) that NONE of those ‘too-good-to-be-true’ ads work. For one MAJOR reason : we are all different.

We all have different needs, wants, desires, cravings, and body types. That is the way it is SUPPOSED to be. Too often we are critical, judgemental, unkind, and unhealthy in our approach to trying to look all like the same person….when that person does NOT even exist.

These thoughts came pouring out of my head, and I finally put it all together : it is okay to be living healthy and eating what I want. Living healthy and eating the foods I crave is vital to my HEALTH, wellbeing, sanity, and excitement.

holy delicious salad

Some days I want a salad. Some days I want a sandwich. Some days I want ice cream. Some days I crave pita chips. And some days all I really want is fruit and chocolate. And SOME days, I want it all 😉

Because we are each different, it is important to balance out the workout part with the living healthy and eating what we want parts. YOU know how that feels, so only YOU can know what your body needs. Don’t let some scammy diet(s) tell you that. And don’t fall to criticism of your body or eating habits just because of viewing someone else’s diet or body. Talking or thinking negatively or critical about ones self has never led anywhere good. Promise.

Life is too precious to spend so much wasted time comparing, criticizing, and complaining.

I could criticize the curtains......but I won't ;)

Of course certified health, wellness, or fitness coaches can help in the guidance, direction, and implementation of certain goals, but YOU have to be the deciding factor in it all. I never work with clients who do NOT want to change (from within). And neither will the Coach For Life program. Cajoling people to workout or eat right does not work. But once a person catches the vision of what he/she wants to be or become, a health professional can help him/her reach that goal. Actually, that is the most satisfying and rewarding part of my job :)

So I am going to keep on living healthy and eating what I want, when I want it. I hope you are striving to do the same, because that is a happy and healthy way to live! <—healthyliving!

spinach wrap!

Oh, and that means listening up, really ‘hearing,’ and following through. Yesterday, for example, I wasn’t hungry for a bit, so I ate b-fast at 11 a.m. and lunch at 3:45 p.m and dinner around 9ish! This is by no means normal, but I listened and heard. And ate 😉 Some days I eat all day long, it feels like. Others, less frequently. However, I always listen up to the hunger cues and eat (so don’t worry about that!)

oh Fro Yo, how I have missed thee...

And with that….I am off to work. Have a lovely Tuesday!!

When YOU find yourself criticizing yourself, what do YOU do to stop it?? Do YOU time your eats, or do YOU eat when YOU want??

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  1. Food is meant to be enjoyed – enjoying the right things (and the wrong ones in moderation) is the key.

  2. Great realizations! Everyone is very different. I always try to listen to my body and feed it what it wants focusing on foods that are good for it. Gotta have my treats though 😉

  3. caroline orien says:

    What if I ALWAYS crave cookies? ha.
    But in all seriousness, I agree that listening to our bodies is key for healthy living. Sometimes I find it hard to listen to what my body is telling me because I get distracted by other cues like the time and when my husband gets hungry.

    What do you do to listen to your body but also enjoy a nice meal with your husband?

    • Yeah other cues can be distracting….I try and SLOW way down. Boys tend to eat faster, so I have to be conscious about not speed eating him to the end of the meal. Who cares if you finish last?? Besides, it is way more enjoyable to eat smaller nibbles than huge bites<--the key to that is never going TOO hungry or else you might eat your arm. Or your husband's. 😉

  4. Here here! Fantastic post honey!

    There are definitely still times when I deal with criticisms (mine that is) about what I’m eating but I’ve really come a long way in relaxing, eating what I want and realizing that it’s all about balance.

    I’m totally the same! Sometimes it feels like all I am doing is eating and others I don’t seem to eat much at all…It’s just a matter of following what my body is telling me!

    I don’t time my meals but because I work a set schedule every week I tend to do things around the same time every day during the week!

    • That is sooo cool how much of a journey you’ve been on and how far you’ve come! So proud of you :)

      And no shame in eating all day long somedays! I feel ya!

  5. Hi! :) As soon as I saw your comment on Pbfingers about the length of an engagement, I thought “I bet she’s LDS!”… well I am too. My husband and I were engaged for a little over 3 months and it felt too long! lol. Couldn’t imagine waiting 1+ year. When you know you want to be together there’s no point in waiting.

    Just thought i’d say hi!

    • Sure am! Glad you found me :)

      Yep, when you know, you know, and you go for it. I was not about to wait months (or years) to be married to a great guy! Of course those weeks were nutso, but SO worth it. As I am sure you agree!


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