Plate It

Hey friends, and happy long weekend to us all :) Who is hitting the pool Monday??

calling my name already....

I for SURE am. Rain or shine, the 4th always screams “barbeque” and “pool time” and “family” to me!

With all those fun eating occasions, family get-togethers, and lounging about, there are definite ways to lose track or sight of a health or wellness goal. Too often I think, ” I will have another scoop, it isn’t that big of a deal.” But after eating the ice cream, I usually feel slightly sick, sugared out, and SUPER not satisfied.

My wise (Swiss) grandmother once said, “why do Americans spend so much time making their toilets rich?”

I agree whole heartedly. Why not take time to make our bodies rich…..full of nutrients and health, instead of the toilets?

Because get-togethers and family outings are around, we retort. And BBQs! And Ice cream! And chips and dip!

Plate It

Here is my advice (for myself included!!) : plate it.

Yep, just avoid the mindless snacking, the grab and go’s, and the munch and mingles next to the buffet table with your hand in the chips scenarios. We humans are visual (most of us are, at least!), so when we see how much we are consuming from a portioned size plate rather than a huge bowl or vat of food, it is much much easier to stick to goals, and keep our health in mind, and intact.

put it on a PLATE!

Like I mentioned about Mindless Eating, so much research has proven that humans gauge from whatever portion size is given them, and eat/partake from there. If the portion size is a huge bag of chips (eaten mindlessly), guess what is going to happen (most likely)? Overeating. And then subsequently feeling sick, guilty, or ironically, unsatisfied.

Intuitively eating allows us to plate the food, and then decide how much of it we eat. From there, we can always refill our plates if our bodies are still hungry and need more nourishment.

Listen to that beautiful body of yours, plate it, and be satisfied, NOT overstuffed. I can tell you that I have felt malnourished and overstuffed for lengthy periods of time (in my past), and neither feeling is at all satisfying or enjoyable. Promise.

The other day I was eating pita chips and hummus….I began by grabbing the chips from the bag (umm, no one is perfect :) ), but I decided to plate it instead. And you know what? I felt satisfied after a few chips! I know (from the past) that I could have eaten tons more chips straight from the bag and then felt horrible afterward….but I decided to forgo that feeling. heh. It was actually really, really liberating.

the pita chips made it onto the plate! score.

In other fun talk, my workout today was super wonderful! I LOVE a good day of workouts.

A.m. workout

  • 1 hour split between elliptical and stairs
  • 1 hour BodyPUMP class! <—getting stronger! Woot.
  • ….and lots of swimming is going to happen later today, the sun is out :)

Have a GREAT holiday weekend :)

What ‘screams’ the 4th to YOU?? Do YOU always plate your food? Which food is the hardest for YOU to plate??

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  1. Oh danngggg the pool looks lusciously refreshing and fun! Not much of a swimmer, but it sounds great right now. I sometimes just paper-towel my food 😀

  2. caroline orien says:

    It is amazing the change in amount I can eat if I eat straight from the bag or put in on my plate. This reminder is perfect timing for the weekend holiday. Thanks

    Food that is hardest to plate…. pita chips, cookies =)

  3. Great advice! That pool does look inviting!

  4. I wish I had a pool! I’m jealous of everyone who is, but I guess the beach will do! 😉

  5. I adore the opinions on this blog, it definitely gives it that community experience!


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