Hello mid-week! And welcome to another installment of my Summer Series.

My nephew all ready for Summer!

If you didn’t know about it, check out these gems:

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My A.M. Workout:


I used to despise the backstroke…..that was until I realized it was practically as cool as the freestyle stroke, but without all the horrible breathing practices. Woot.

If you are interested in doing a triathlon, the Backstroke could save you. It did for me. When I did a backwards tri, where the swimming part was last (it was Oct, and COLD outside => save wet self until last. genius!), I was really tired right before the swim, and was already huffing/puffing from all the biking and running. (This is bad news if you’re about to jump in a pool, FYI.) 😉

my transition station....and the pink towel would be MINE :)

So, as I was swimming along, not wanting to lose speed, I flipped over onto my back and kept stroking. Genius. I fell in love with the backstroke right then and there!

I breathed, I swam hard, and I passed tons of people. I then flipped over onto my stomach and finished with the freestyle (the fastest stroke), and ended up beating my husband’s swim time (he beat me in the run and scorched me in the bike, though).

Not converted yet?

Check this out:



  1. You lie on your back, you use a flutter kick, but the legs stay mostly under the water.
  2. You do a windmill arm (backward).
  3. You make sure your arms are mostly straight, with a slight bend in the elbows, especially when the arms goes up near the ear.
  4. You keep your head back, with the chin up toward the sky (or else your butt drops and you can not stroke!).
  5. You allow for a slight side to side rocking movement in the hips as the arms stroke hard.
  6. You look slightly backwards when you think you’re almost to the end of the lap.
  7. You reach the end of the pool and you think it is so fun you want to go again!

Try this workout: (550 yards, total)

  • 100 yard freestyle (warmup)
  • 100 yard backstroke <—focus on arms
  • 100 yard fast backstroke
  • 100 yard backstroke <—focus on legs
  • 50 yard fast backstroke
  • 100 yard freestyle (cooldown)

Any fun backstroke stories from YOU? What’s keeping YOU from jumping in the pool and doing a water workout??

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  1. I love swimming. It is a great workout and the perfect way to cool off during these hot summer months. The backstroke is one of my favorites!

    • WOOT. Another swimming lover! It is so true, swimming works everything when in the pool, with little to no sweat involved. score :)

  2. caroline orien says:

    Yikes. I still have a thing against backstroke. I hate the “not being able to see where I am going.” (bad experience decades ago- I smashed my head into the side of the pool.)

    • Oh wow. I bet that was freakin’ SCARY! Gotta count those strokes from the flags 😉 <---I am sure you wanted to hear that NOW.

  3. I’m with Caroline about being afraid of ramming my head into the wall! However, I agree that backstroke can be a relaxing stroke with all the benefits of the other strokes.
    Awesome post! I can’t wait to hit the pool!

  4. I’m not much of a swimmer, but I would love to be! Thanks for the tips!



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