The Small Stuff

Hey all. How is it going—Anyone hit the weights today because of yesterday’s weight train post? :)

I thought about this adage yesterday when I felt like the day was collapsing around me: “Don’t sweat the small stuff….. and it is all small stuff.”

Remembering what is most important in life is WAY better than zeroing on all the crappy stuff that goes on. After feeling like one thing after another was going wrong for me that day (probably because I was FOCUSING on the wrong/bad, ….and it was a MOnday—just sayin.), I tried to sit back, meditate, and think about what life is all about, and what really matters (easier said than done, by the way).

After drying my tears, looking at some funny pictures of me and my family, and meditating, I realized something : focusing on the negative has never led ANYONE, anywhere good.

So then I stopped being negative, I looked at all the good things in my life, and I. stopped. complaining.

husband and 2 of my bros. I love this.

Has complaining ever got anyone anywhere? I think not. I am a person who likes to be productive, works hard, and tries to be effective and efficient. Where in those words do you see “complain” or “gripe” or “stress out” in the above descriptions?

I thought so.

Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, and our actions define and determine who we are and where we are going. Better switch my thoughts and thinking patterns eh??

So I am going to stare at these beautiful pictures from the weekend (hello amazing custard!), enjoy some time with the husband, and get to work :)

caramel, toffee, almond. custard concrete

with my little bros

my cup

My workout today helped a lot too:

Oh, and my lunch (from yesterday) cheered me up too. YUMM:

Half turkey/laughing cow cheese sandwich, veg, strabs, pita chips.

Off to seize the day <—for REALs.

What do YOU do when the ‘small stuff’ blows up in your face?? What did YOU eat for lunch yesterday?? <—can you remember. hah.

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  1. caroline orien says:

    sounds like you are moving forward and not letting the little things get you down. We all have those moments, it what we do with those moments that make the difference. Have a great day!

    I had a sunflower butter and jam sandwich with carrots and hummus. yum!!

  2. You have a great attitude, Annette! When I feel the small stuff caving in around me, I just need a relaxing dinner date with Hubby so we can support each other through whatever seems difficult!

  3. Kudos for pushing on! When I feel like small stuff are blowing up in my face I try to remember, there is no such thing as bad days, just bad moments. I try to flip it and be positive!

  4. Way to keep positive and have a good attitude! Mondays can drain me of positivity sometimes!



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