What Is Diet?

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    What is DIET?

    Too often when we hear the word ‘diet’ we freak out and run. However, a healthy diet can be the KEY to success in our fitness and wellness endeavors. What is diet? is a very, very good question….. some say:

    • it is one letter away from DIE. hah
    • it is makeup of all the food we eat
    • it is a part of any weight loss or weight management success/failure
    • it is a VITAL piece to being healthy
    • it can make or break a day
    • it is the bane of a lot of women’s existences

    lettuce wraps

      I used to associate the word, “diet,” with all the horrible crash-course ideas of losing weight, stupid scams, and bogus quick fix shots and meal plans, but after a whole butt load of schooling and personal experiences, I have realized we should not be afraid of the word “diet,” as long as it is attached to healthy and eat.

      Eat a healthy diet, you see :)

      What is a healthy diet then?

      1. It incorporates all the major macronutrients needed by our bodies : carbohydrates, protein, fats/oils (and water!)
      2. It is varied and colorful (and thus includes the micronutrients–Iron, Zinc,etc.–needed by our bodies!)
      3. It is made up of mostly FRESH, in-season, and whole foods.
      4. There is limited packaging and preservatives associated with it.
      5. It includes some of the not-so-colorful-or-whole-foods (about 10% of the total, or 200 cals worth per day)<—-esp if a person is watching his/her waistline or weight.
      6. It is available for easy cooking and eating. (i.e. keeping it on hand!)

      salad and half sandwich. Great lunch combo!

      Check out my review on the new USDA MyPlate by clicking HeRe!

      Have a GREAT rest of your weekend :)

        What is DIET to YOU?? What is a part of YOUR healthy diet??

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        1. Could not agree more with this post! Love it! PS: Those wraps look AMAZING!!!!!

        2. It’s funny, I’m telling my friends that I’m reading the Beauty Detox book about diet and they FREAK! They tell me that I don’t need to lose weight. I HATE that. I want to get to my healthy weight and I want to feel good and strong. I’m naturally thin but I’m weak and have very little energy. I wish people could decipher diet vs. losing weight! Great post! I agree that maybe attaching healthy to the word diet is a good thing!

          • I totally agree, losing weight is WAY different than talking about eating a certain diet….but some crazies out there messed with everyone’s heads :(

        3. Loved this post!

          “Diet” to me is just what I eat on a daily basis. Like if I say “my diet is heavy in leafy greens.”

          It’s so true that now-a-days it just means “losing weight” to people – such a shame because it COULD be such a good word!

        4. caroline orien says:

          Diet totally makes or breaks my day. If I am eating healthy I feel great but if I eat crap, I feel like crap. It makes sense.


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