Lifeguards Save Lives

I felt the LOVE yesterday, did you?? You all are the bombdotcom. Oh, and if you’re wondering what kind of things someone can do to end the eating binge, check out these tips.

So, did you know that once upon a time I was a lifeguard? Guess what else? I am teaching swimming lessons this summer part-time, and I love it! I am a swimmer at heart, (hello awesome HIIT cardio opportunities!) and so finding a job that spends time outside while being paid was golden in my eyes. Thus my jobs as a lifeguard and swim coach (for several summers) was born.

I used to always live in a I did yesterday (going to the lake)

As it is June, I want to dedicate some posts to summer time ‘stuff.’

Lifeguards Are Cool

Some musings about lifeguarding…..

  • If there is no lifeguard present, still walk NOT run around the pool <—I have said this TOO many times to kiddos who just looovvveee to run around the pool. Heh.
  • I once fished a little kid out of the water. Yep, she was still breathing but she (and her mom) got a pretty good scare. I really felt grateful for lifeguards at that point.
  • Lifeguards are not just there to hang out by the pool. And if you do lifeguard, wear SUNscreen!



  • If there is no lifeguard present, you really are swimming at your own risk.
  • Lifeguards should love to be outside. If not, find another job 😉
  • It is unfortunate, but when the storms and lightning come, everyone has to get out of the pool. For safety. <—-I HATED this is a kid. I was like ‘who cares? It is just a bit of rain and lightning.’ Heh. I have since learned a bit.
  • Swimming is a major MAJOR past time for most kids and parents => Lifeguards always have jobs
  • As a lifeguard you can not be afraid of telling someone the rules. I got a lot of crap from teenage boys one summer….but as an authority figure with a cool swimsuit, I could kick them out. And they knew it. Wahhaha. They listened after I told them that!
  • Of course, all lifeguards know they could be saving someone’s life any second, so we take our job very seriously!
  • I kinda wish I still lifeguarded…..but only kinda 😉 (secretly: it can get boring and really hot!)

Did YOU ever lifeguard? If not, what was a job that YOU had when you were younger during the Summer?

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