Good Enough

Hey all! Having a great week thus far? I sure hope so, because it is Summertime!

Hello amazing breakfast:

{recycled pic} but I had it again!

I was reading a book recently that got me thinking about how we treat ourselves and others, and I realized that I could definitely work on some aspects of that. {beware of a little bit of a sappy soapbox. heh 😉 }

Good Enough

I believe that when we truly see ourselves for the beautiful, amazing creatures we are, we would treat everyone else with so much more respect, love, compassion, and charity than we do. Let’s be honest, we are only unkind, mean, catty, and selfish when we forget who we are, what we are capable of, and what matters most. In the same vein, I think too often our insecurities get the best of us and we treat others poorly because of those getting us down. :(

I am sure that all of you are always complete gems to everyone else, but for me, I definitely need to remember that everyone is special, unique, awesome, and should be treated with respect and dignity, just as I like to be treated 😉

Even more so, I believe that when we come upon someone suffering from a disease, disorder, handicap, or disability we should be even more compassionate, as it was most likely NOT of their choosing that they suffer so. My sister does have Down’s Syndrome, but she is totally amazing, wonderful, and a really good influence on me. I am the one who learns from her, not the other way around.

hello Justin Bieber movie night!

When we stop and smell the roses, or smell the roses with another person, we often see their (the person’s) beauty as well. Too often we are rushed, ‘busy,’ caught up in ourselves and our plans, having no time to really reflect and remember what is really most important.

  • Is that certain workout tomorrow so much more important than being with a family member?
  • Do you really need to go to that work dinner when you could spend time with a brokenhearted friend?
  • When was the last time you had a movie night with cereal, whipped cream, and a sibling? 😉

I think anyone who has lost a loved one can relate that life is fragile, beautiful, and should be enjoyed. So when you feel down, discouraged, or hopeless, remember who you ARE, who loves you, what beautiful people are in your life, and capture those special moments for your memory! I love spending time with my family, and I am grateful for those small moments, but even more so, I am grateful for their love and support.


I hope that each day we can slow down, breathe, relax, and remember this life is not a race, and that each of us is good enough. Life is here for us to enjoy, work, and better ourselves, without beating ourselves up or comparing ourselves to others. You are perfect, just the way you are!

Have a GREAT day!

What is something in recent memory that you specially captured in YOUR heart?? What was the last movie YOU saw?

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  1. Love that breakfast pic – it’s a love fest in your post today! It’s so wonderful to have a supportive family – and it sounds like you value them so much!

  2. so true. i find myself getting so frustrated with the busy and the mundane that it distracts me from the things I know REALLY matter… time after time. sometimes i just need to take a step back.

  3. Great post!! I definitely think that my own insecurities make me judge those around me, which is unfair and in turn makes me even more insecure. It’s a good reminder that if we treat ourselves better, it’ll make us treat others better as well. I’m going to try to adopt that way of thinking!



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