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Hey friends. I definitely got enough sleep last night! Anyone else get their snooze on?

my sister's dog, Chewie, and my nephew

Sure looks like Chewie got enough sleep last night!

Fitness Advice

As some of you know I am a fitness professional and am certified to give fitness advice, however, if any of you have pre-existing medical conditions that require a physician’s approval, please make sure you check with him/her before beginning any fitness regimen.

Coming soon (here) are personal fitness classes, health and wellness coaching, and online streaming workouts to ‘enjoy’ from your home 😉 Be excited!

Here are some pieces of advice for any of you who would like to increase or improve your fitness:

  1. Change UP your routine! Ideas include taking a new fitness class, working a different body part first, or adding in more interval work. Research shows that fitness improvements are made when the body is challenged (read: not in a rut). Try total body workouts, circuit training, a different weight training plan, or even try a different cardio machine.
  2. Use tracking devices to keep motivation. Fitness watches, heart rate monitors, pedometers, the BodyBugg,, and personal fitness journals help you keep track of workouts, numbers <—-if you like that, calories <—if you like that, and more. All these tools help keep your eye on the prize.
  3. Fuel your body right. If you want to be fit, get fitter, or change your body, you must feed that machine correctly. You don’t run your car on an empty tank, right? And you don’t fill up the gas tank with oil now do you? No. You put the right fuel in the right place to keep it going. Feed your body with good, wholesome foods. Think color, minimal packaging, and tons of fresh fruits & veggies. Save the cake and sugary treats for special occasions, it’ll make the occasion that much more special.
  4. Don’t deny your body’s needs. If your knee hurts, stop. If you feel ‘bad pain,’ stop. If you want a piece of chocolate and it is a part of your healthy diet, eat it. Don’t let your body starve for nutrients, love, or relaxation.
  5. Take a REST day every week. All fitness professionals know that rest day is the crucial day of the week if fitness improvements are to be made. This day allows for the body to rejuvenate, replenish, and revitalize itself. Besides, a professor once told me that if you don’t feel like you ‘need’ a rest day, you are not working hard enough the other 6 days of the week. I follow this advice to a TEE. Sunday is my rest day and I take naps, attend church, read, nap, and take long, leisurely walks. On Monday my body is all revved to hit the week hard.
  6. Don’t ever give up. Keep going if the going gets tough. Our bodies like being lazy, comfortable, and it works very hard to keep it that way. Fight that urge to stay sedentary, in a rut, or at a ‘comfortable’ pace for too long. Of course listen to your body too, especially if something hurts or feels wrong.
  7. Use music to power you through those intense workouts. Several exercise studies have shown that those who listened to music could cycle 10-20% further, faster, and longer than their non-listening-to-music counterparts! So, if it is safe (i.e. not on a busy road), strap on that ipod and get rockin’! I always, always have an intense song on while doing intervals<—this is KEY for me.
  8. Regularly include stretch or yoga sessions into your week. Yoga, stretching, foam rolling, and relaxation techniques can help the body unwind, protect the joints and muscles, and improve race/interval times.
  9. Find something you love to do and do it every single week. Have a hobby or activity outside of the gym or your training program to keep you sane, healthy, balanced, and happy :) Mine is reading. I am an avid reader and I love doing it! I wish it were cooking or baking though… would my husband. hah.
  10. Use the F.I.T.T principles to design or work through fitness plateaus. These principles can lead anyone in the right direction to having a successful fitness regimen.

ice cream is a great source of Calcium ;)

I hope these tips help! Like I said, coming soon you can have personally tailored fitness advice, classes, weight training workouts, and more!

Have a great day :)

Which fitness piece of advice are YOU most excited to incorporate to improve YOUR fitness??

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  1. I already do all that stuff.. I am REALLY good at rest days 😉

  2. caroline orien says:

    you give such great advice! I am especially going to take the “if you don’t feel like you need a rest day, you are not working hard enough on the other 6 days” to heart.

    I also need to get better at “changing up my routine”

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks girl 😉 I know, right? Let’s get sweaty, crazy, and tired by Sunday. Mmmmkay?? You’re going to rock your test, p.s. TOTALLY rock it.

  3. Good advice! I think I do pretty much all of that…EXCEPT I need to do more yoga…I’ve fallen off of that train…But I sure love stretching other ways after my runs and workouts…What an awesome reward!

    If you ever do Zumba workouts online, COUNT ME IN!

    • Yoga is a blasty!! And nice job for stretching after running, that is a common thing to go bye-bye when it comes to training!

      And yes, you’ll be counted in soon enough when it is up and running!!! SO soon I can taste it :)

  4. Good advice – I’m eager to get back to real workouts ASAP!

  5. I totally agree with your point that if you don’t need a rest day, then you didn’t work hard enough the other 6 days of the week. When someone tells me that they are bored in the gym, well, I ask them if they got on Gravitron and did some assisted pull-ups. 4 sets of assisted pull-ups at a challenging level tend to get a person quite tired.

    :-) Marion

  6. Exercise and proper diet are important sources to improve fitness and physical performance. Avoid all junk foods, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and avoid all high protein foods like meats, cheese, fat foods and alcohol. Go walking and running at least 30 to 45 minutes in the morning, exercise regularly and drink a plenty of water. It improves mood, mental health, boos energy, burns fat, and increase physical fitness.


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