Smooth Friday

HEY! Friday is here people, and doesn’t that feel amazing? I am stoked about today and this weekend in general: I am going to swim :), run fun errands, eat delicious food, and play with family all weekend long.

A.M. Workout:

  • 52 mins stair workout <—longer intervals (during it I saw a great friend and reader, Lindsay!!!! woot!!)
  • 10 min abs and hamstrings (worked on a Swiss ball)
  • 5 min adductors & abductors (read:inner and outer thighs)

Then ate an amazing smoothie, built around ingredients lying around, don’t judge. hah.

smoothie in a bowl

In the smoothie:

  1. romaine lettuce (yep, no spinach here, gotta get some!)
  2. pomegranate kefir <—-11 g protein per serving!
  3. water and ice
  4. raspberries
  5. half scoop choc protein powder

-all blended in a Magic Bullet, and dumped into a bowl.

this was EASY and super delish

-topped with Fiber One Original and raspberries

mmmm get in my belly

Like I said yesterday, who says they don’t have time for a delicious, nutritious breakfast?? Just grab a few things and dump them in a blender. Smoothies In A Bowl (SIAB) are perfect for hot days, after sweaty, gross, hot workouts, and for staying power during the day!

p.s. protein IS the secret ingredient to staying power, satiety, and building strong, lean muscles. SO if you do something good for yourself today, eat a great protein source at your meals!

Have a lovely Friday!

What is YOUR go-to breakfast after a hot, sweaty workout?? What are YOU doing tonight?

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  1. Lindsay says:

    haha i love you!!!!!! and i am SO PUMPED!!! i did the same thing as you after the gym. threw in some ice, frozen banana, doterra vanilla protein, almond milk, fresh spinach, a drop of vanilla extract, a drop of butter extract (to make it taste like cake batter! mmm my favorite!) and blended it all up!

    • :)!!!! Gotta love those post-workout smoothies. Whoever came up with those is a genius. Butter extract, that sounds intriguing!

  2. caroline orien says:

    what no spinach?! Hopefully that changes before I grace you with my presence!

    I still don’t know how you can spend 52 minutes on a stair stepper. You are a machine.

    My go to breakfast is a spinach smoothie with a little (homemade) granola mixed in. yum!

  3. I have trying harder to make sure I add more protein to my meals. What brand of protein powder do you use?

    • I use several different kinds….a GNC kind, an isolated Whey protein kind, and an essential oils kind. I switch off. I will do a post on those in the near future :)


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