HIIT Cardio + Thankful Thursday

Hey friends! Check out those cool answers from yesterday‘s guessing game, it was fun to see what y’all thought :)

I use Livestrong (aka TheDailyPlate) to check nutritional stats, calorie counts, and more. It is a fab tool and it is free!

So this is the answer: 46.08 grams of Protein

a filling lunch. Yumm.



The closest one to the answer? LINDSAY! Woot. She guessed 40 :)

Nicely done. Protein is definitely a filling macronutrient, as the amino acids (which make up protein) help those starving muscle cells, and keep the metabolism humming all day long.

Protein is very filling and satisfying as it is the macronutrient to leave the stomach last, and takes the most energy from the body (read: calories) to break down the amino acids, digest, and process. So make sure to include good, lean protein sources at all your meals and snacks!

Green Monster Protein Smoothie

Ideas for protein rich foods include:

  • cottage cheese
  • turkey, chicken
  • yogurt
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • nuts
  • beans
  • tofu
  • edmamae
  • soy
  • veggie burgers
  • quinoa
  • for more snack ideas, go HERE

H.I.I.T Cardio

H.I.I.T. cardio stands for High Intensity Interval Training Cardiovascular workouts. It is a mouthful, so HIIT cardio it is 😉

The reason I bring this option for cardiovascular exercise up is because HIIT cardio can be quick, dirty, fun, and burn serious fat. The interchange between slower intervals with high, fast intervals makes the muscles and cardiovascular system work harder than normal, grabbing fat stores to fuel the body during the workout, and after the workout (a HUGE plus!!)

all ready to sweat!

I also bring it up because I did a killleer HIIT workout yesterday. Serious sweat. Serious burn. Serious endorphins :)

My a.m. HIIT workout looked like this (incline set at 1.0 for first half, and 1.5 for second half):

  • 1 min warmup walk (4.0)
  • 1 min run (7.0)
  • 1 min jog (5.0)
  • 1 min fast run (8.0)
  • 1 min jog (5.0)
  • 1 min faster run (8.2)

….and so on (alternating fast run with a jog), for 22 minutes. I was drippping by the end, and it felt awesome. I banged it out, loved it, and felt great all day long!

Anyone who says they have NO TIME for working out is lying. Straight up. There is time! Just schedule it in, lay the clothes out, and set an alarm. Not too hard, no? Especially when thinking about ALL the benefits that come from 20 minutes or so of well-used time!

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for an amazing family who pulls together when things get tough
  2. I am grateful for planes and the ability to fly anywhere!
  3. I am grateful for BodyPUMP :)

Do YOU do HIIT cardio too? What is YOUR favorite workout? Best way to eat protein in YOUR opinion?

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  1. Lindsay says:

    YAY! :) And 46 grams of protein in one meal? Holy cow! I might have to snatch that protein packed lunch! Lately, I have been into this protein packed breakfast: 1/8 cup cottage cheese, 1 egg white, 1 scoop of protein powder (i use chocolate). Mix it all up. Cook it like a pancake. Top with strawberries and syrup (or whatever) and enjoy! So delisk! And I totally stole this recipe from PBF! :) :)

  2. Oo! Thanks for the headsup on Livestrong. I’m definitely going to sign up. I’ve always been a little confused on how much protein I need in my meals. I definitely need to be more mindful of this!

  3. Alison says:

    Woohoo! Protein lovers unite! :) I’ve been using Spark People and found out I’m eating an average of 100 grams of protein a day…whew! My favorite sources of lean protein are: Kashi Go Lean cereal, Greek yogurt, regular yogurt, soy burgers, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, cheese, and Quorn products. Gotta love it!

    • NICE job, 100 grams is a good amount esp if you are active. .8-1.1 grams per pound of body weight is a good recommendation to follow :)

      mmmmm Greek yogurt!

  4. Peanuts and green monsters!


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