Protein Guess

Just poppin’ in to say hello, because this day got away from me…literally. I luckily had a great day, but I missed ya!  Hope you are doing peachy.

Here is a guessing game for your viewing pleasure…..especially after such a riveting plate review 😉

This was my lunch yesterday after teaching BodyPUMP (which by the way was SO hot because the group x room had NO air! It was broken!!! I was beyond gross at the end of that one.):

protein packed lunch

Now comes your turn….YOU get to guess the protein grams amount in this lunch. Doesn’t really look like a ‘myplate‘ ehh? heh.

To be fair here is what was in this filling and amazing lunch:

  1. 1 cup edmamae (salt and mrs. dash sprinkled on top)
  2. 1 veggie patty (from Costco)<—-it has 170 calories
  3. 2 Tb ketchup
  4. 1/4 whole wheat pita (an entire pita has 140 calories)
  5. 1 slice regular deli turkey meat
  6. 1 Tb cream cheese
  7. 1 strawberry non-fat Chobani Greek yogurt

mmmmm guess away!


p.s. I was definitely feelin’ the protein after that BodyPUMP class, so I listened!  Oh and this lunch kept me satisfied for over 7 hours! woot.

p.p.s I will be back tomorrow with the ANSWER! Whoever is the closest, gets a shoutout 😉

What flavor of Chobani Greek yogurt do YOU love??

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  1. I’m going to take a wild guess and say around 30???

  2. 7 HOURS!!! Girl, come be my nutritionist and make me your amazing food and protein packed meals. I want to come to your pump classes!!! You are SO SO Beautiful!

  3. thirty eight.

  4. Lindsay says:


  5. caroline orien says:


    My favorite greek yogurts are vanilla and honeey. yum!!


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