Birthday Extravaganza

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Was it epic? Ours sure was, because we celebrated this man:

Birthday husband with the Mexican hat on<---at a restaurant

He is the best husband in the world, so it was fun to celebrate him and his being born. So glad he was πŸ˜‰

We played with nieces/nephews

men with kids = swoon

with our cute nephew

flying the 'parachute army men'


We ate some amazing food

authentic Mexican for dinner Sat night

cheese + chicken enchilada + bean taco + beans + veg. a huge salad plate went unpictured!

Sunday birthday BBQ!

Sunday morning french toast <--- couldn't decide what I it looks weird. heh

Fro YO stop with friends

And we of course ate birthday cake…..well, birthday chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, to be exact.

the beginning...

....then sandwiched!

My husband doesn’t love cake (I am not a huge fan myself, I would SO rather have ice cream), so I improvised for him (and me. heh).

monstrous deliciousness

They were a HUGE hit :)

Sunday was my rest day, so we took naps, did some reading, ate french toast <—-see weird half spread toast above!

attended church,

husband's mom is a florist, so he helped carry the flowers for church <---sorry for the blurry pic

and ate an awesome picnic<—-I ate tons and tons of watermelon! woot. Summer is here :)

I looooovvveee birthdays, my husband, and family, so this weekend was perfect in my eyes.

A.M Workout (today)

  • 1 hour Zumba
  • 30 minutes circuit training (I am beginning to love Burpees…..)
  • 10 minutes yoga + weights (chest, biceps)

How was YOUR weekend? What makes it an ‘epic’ weekend for you?? And what food part of BBQ’s do you always make a beeline for??

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  1. caroline orien says:

    sounds like you guys celebrated his birthday in style!

    The food I go for at BBQ is the spinach dip and the fruit. yum!

  2. wow, loooooooove the celebration recap! happy birthday to your husband. the ice cream cookie sandwiches are way better than cake! i love el burrito. xo!

  3. Looks like you had a great time celebrating! Happy belated!

    And those ice cream cookie sandwiches.. swoon!!

  4. looks like a great bday celebration!



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