Laughing Cures All

Happy Friday :)

Like I mentioned in my title, laughing DOES cure all! I think sometimes we all get too stressed out, bored, anxious, or nervous…..when what we really need is a GREAT laugh.

Yesterday I did just that! A lot.

I was feeling a little down and stressed out, but after going to eat dinner with my amazing husband and some friends who hold a special place in my heart, and letting out several huge, true belly laughs, I felt SO much better!

we had a great time!

And we also had some amazing eats, to boot.

Cafe Rio chicken salad....Awesomesauce

{my salad was made in a whole wheat tortilla, topped with black beans, salsa, tons of lettuce, chicken, Mexican cheese, lime, cilantro, and some chips. Tomatillo spicy cilantro dressing served on the side. AMAZING}

We were there for 3 hours. Yes three.

And it was absolutely wonderful! I think sometimes we (at least I do) get overwhelmed by responsibilities, life, and other issues in general…..and laughing always does the trick to cure me.

Plus seeing amazing women, hearing their stories, learning of their struggles and triumphs, and having some really great, deep discussions is in incredible way to feel empowered and uplifted. It was the perfect evening.

My husband is another cure all.

me and my hottie :)

Seriously, this dude is amazing. He can always make me smile and laugh. Always.

That is probably why we have such an amazing marriage!

On that note, I am off to go have another laugh…….while I work next to him πŸ˜‰

today’s A.M. workout:

What ‘cures all’ for YOU? Have anyone in your life that guaranteed can make YOU laugh??

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  1. caroline orien says:

    I love your outfit. Seriously so cute.
    I miss Cafe Rio. And laughing really does make things so much better.

  2. Keebler, my dog, cures all. I think Charlie Brown says something like, “Happiness is being with my dog.” He is a furry person who thinks I’m great when I had a bad day. He thinks my cooking is great. He listens to all my problems and has the warmest brown eyes when he cuddles up to me. I wish everyone could experience such a perfect person-dog relationship.

    :-) Marion


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