Workout Motivation + Thankful Thursday

Yah for a short week, right? It is totally flying by! Check out the beautiful eats I have had lately, so delish!

So, this morning I did NOT want to get out of bed and workout (yes we all have these days!) I had taught a hard BodyPUMP class last night, so I definitely had excuses….. Therefore, I did what any normal person would do……I splashed water on my face, brushed my teeth, put my workout clothes on, and got to it. In 15 minutes I was a sweaty, HAPPY, hot mess.

all ready to GO

Sometimes the hardest part of working out is actually getting TO the workout.

Seriously, after an hour and half or so of good Zumba moves, yoga poses and stretches, I felt SO much better. And awake!

Isn’t it funny how when we are SO tired, the best thing we can do for ourselves is get rid of the excuses, workout, move around, and get sweaty??

The reason this is so is those lovely endorphins, chemicals that are produced from the pituitary gland during excitement, exercise, love, and orgasms. It is what gives us that ‘high’ when we are exercising. What keeps us going! What makes us excited to do exercise again, and again, and again.

I love endorphins. “Endorphins make us happy, happy people don’t….” (ok, ok,I will stop quoting my favorite movie, now. 2 guesses what that movie is! ha!)

But seriously, once we get out of bed (or out of work) and into our workout clothes, that usually helps the blood, excitement, and endorphins to start flowing. Then we get into ‘the zone’ during our workouts and burn some major calories, have fun, and sweat tons! I am always happier knowing I did it, and got over my lapse of judgement in bed 😉

runner's high! <---right after my 2nd marathon

Some tips for workout motivation:

  • Remember that 15 minutes IS better than no minutes of moving.
  • Research shows that if you can’t get 60 minutes consecutively, doing 20 minutes of exercise 3x a day equals the same amount of benefits!
  • Your day ALWAYS goes better when you exercise. Promise.
  • Eating healthier is easier when you know you exercised, will exercise, or are exercising. Doing something good for your body translates into wanting to take care of it by eating nutritious foods.<—on my rest days I always tend to eat more sugar, and less veggies (boo!)
  • You are only a few workouts away from your goals, so get to it :)
  • Sweat, moving around, and especially dance (Zumba!!) makes us SO happy, it is almost indescribable
  • Exercise promotes higher self-efficacy, self esteem, and positive body image, especially weight lifting <—proven in several scientific studies

What are some of your favorite ideas/mantras for getting the butt up and to the gym/DVD?


Here are some that I personally use and love:

  • You are only 20 minutes away from a high :)
  • Mind over muscle.
  • Don’t give up what you want most (strong,fit body, etc) for what you want right now (being lazy and staying in bed)
  • It will wake you up the best!
  • It is ONLY 1 hour out of 24! (or just 7 hours out of 168, in a week!!)
  • This time will help me be more focused, energized, and healthier the rest of the day <—very helpful when I was writing my Master’s Thesis and was supppppeeerrr stressed!
  • DO what you love, because you love doing it.
  • how to shed body fat? Get out the door, get going, and NOW.
  • you’re stronger than you think you are!
  • Just Do It. (thanks, Nike)

p.s. check out Julie’s POST for more mantras and ideas, there are some good ones!

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for my amazing breakfast today
  2. I am thankful for a body that works!
  3. I am so SO grateful my husband has a birthday soon….I <3 birthdays!

blueberries and nuts. YUMM

What are some of YOUR motivation tips for exercise? What are YOU thankful for this lovely, June day??

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  1. caroline orien says:

    oh I love that exercise poster you have posted on your blog. (the dinosaur one.) Totally laughed at that one.

    I am thankful for sunshine!

  2. Great post Annette! There’s nothing like a high from exercise(….or orgasms!) that is for sure… 😉

    I live by the “Just Do It” mantra. I set goals, I achieve goals, I set new goals. No ifs, ands or buts!

    T am thankful for Zumba’ing IN THE RAIN!!!


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