Mind Over Muscle

Hey all. Did you have a great holiday weekend?

I did!

picnic food

fruit plate!

my plate

It was all SO good. I had tons of fruit, some chicken atop salad, chips, and more fruit.

I <3 watermelon.

Once in college I ate in entire HUGE watermelon in one week, all by myself. Needless to say I got sufficient water intake each day 😉

Dessert happened a bit later:

no-banana split (I dislike bananas)

I also love ice cream + caramel and nuts. Best creation ever!

Oh, p.s. the movie was great too! I thought they did a wonderful job with Kung Fu Panda 2. Go see it if you like sweet, hilarious, animated movies. Really impressive that it kept up to the hype!

We cleaned and worked all day yesterday….so the day got away with me! Whoops. So who missed me? :)

Tuesday workout:

In the middle of the BodyPUMP class I was teaching today I realized that some of the members were not challenging themselves enough (I can tell by their facial expressions, ha). So when the (really hard) back track (from release 77) came and halfway through it I felt the bar was too light for me (35 lb), I quickly put my bar down during the break and added 5 lbs more. Not only because I felt I could do more, but because it could be an example….

Needless to say the members were like, well if SHE can do it, so can I! Score!

Mind over muscle, friends :)

The mind is more powerful than the body, and if we tell ourselves that we can do something, then the muscles or the body follow suit and match the initial desire/will. It is a beautiful thing! So, next time you say in your head, “I can’t do that…..” change it to “I am so excited to do that!”

Attitude, mind games, will power<—-whatev you want to call it, it is amazing what the human mind can conceive and do :)

Leonardo Da Vinci once said : “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” So if you have goals, (i.e. fitness, life, personal), put your mind to it, and get ‘er done :)

Ate a snack later:

strawberry Greek yogurt


ancient grains granola


mixed in!

super good.

Okay, I am off to go seize the day, and all that jazz :)

What is something hard that YOU have done because YOU told yourself you could do it?? Eat anything yummy over the weekend?

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  1. That’s so cool that challenging yourself made your class challenge themselves too!

  2. I love your motivation! :) :) This weekend I was trying to make some type of veggie dip, so in the food processor went: chick peas, cottage cheese, spinach, tomato, and water chestnuts. It was pretty bland as a dip, but today I melted some cheese on a whole wheat tortilla, spread the green stuff, and filled it with shredded cabbage! It made quite the delish and filling lunch!

  3. … I once ate a 20lb watermelon in 3-4 days by myself. I”m a champ! ahaha

    The hardest thing I’ve done is to decide to compete… and actually follow through! Best decision I ever made though!


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