Salad Magic

Hey all, happy weekend! How has it been going so far?

Ours has been excellent! I ate a fun dinner with a friend on Thursday.

Then my husband and I ate a delicious lunch yesterday!

salad beauty

We celebrated my husband’s birthday at a Brazilian meat/salad bar restaurant. He ate mostly meat and I ate mostly veggies and salad. Both were happy! Perfect.

with lobster bisque on the side

This all was SO good!

spinach + tons of strawbs + beans + cottage cheese + shredded carrots + roasted veggies + 1 piece sushi (sushi was gross) + bite of past salad

And I had some cooked veggies and turkey/chicken/fish on the side as well.

grilled banana, pineapple, veggies, chicken

We shared some raspberry and strawberry lemonades.


It was a great lunch out–oh how I adore my man! He is amazing, and I am definitely glad he was born 😉

And we definitely ate until satisfied (and slightly beyond. ha)

Today’s A.M. Workout:

This was the perfect workout for me today. I enjoyed every bit of it. I seriously love taking my muscles to exhaustion!

Although I hear too often that women are somewhat afraid of weight lifting, my take on it is this : if you want to be fit, strong, healthy, and/or slim, you need to lift weights! Lifting weights for women is vital to our health. Weight train to feel good, get strong and be happy! However, when going to a BodyPUMP or weight class, sometimes you have to play around with the weights a little to see what feels best for you.

But don’t be afraid of weights! :)

lift those weights! (source)

My weight selection today at BodyPUMP (after taught BP for about 7 months now):

  • warmup: 25
  • squats: 50
  • chest: 40
  • back: 45 <—-this was HARD this week.
  • triceps: 25
  • biceps: 25 <—-finally went UP! wahoo
  • lunges: 45
  • shoulders: 25
  • abs: 10

I did similar weights as last week, with the addition of going up in biceps, so I was excited to be able to lift more— I am getting stronger. Wahoo!

Best feeling in the world : lifting heavy weights :)

And I am off to get tons done and be productive and all. ha…….Have a GREAT weekend!

What do YOU love on your salads? Do YOU love lifting weights too??

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  1. Might that restraunt have been Tucano’s? Love that place.

    When it comes to weights, I don’t know a lot of stuff to do on my own and I’ve come to really enjoy body pump (pilates will always have my heart though) I just recently went up in weight a smidge!

  2. I love fruit, nuts and goat cheese on my salads with tonnnsss of vegetables.

    I do enjoy weight lifting, but I don’t LOVE it…I’ve never tried bodypump though!

  3. I LOVE lifting weights! Makes me feel beautiful and strong :) And I love avocado in my salads, mmm!

  4. I love pecans, almonds, mangoes and goat cheese on my salads! Mmm Mmm Mmm!

    Sorry to hear about your sucky sushi! That’s a crying shame!

    I like lifting weights but don’t do it near enough!

  5. I love crunchy things in salads. Anything to give it that awesome texture.

    I absolutely HATE lifting weights. I’m such a cardio girl. I’m also ruined for life because a trainer put me on a plan once and I gained almost 10 pounds and totally bulked up. I hated it!!! Guys would tell me that they were jealous of my muscle. Scarred me for life.

    I’m doing Ripped in 30 right now, and that’s progress for me! :)

    • I love the CRUNCH too! gotta have something in there to crunch on.

      I am sorry about your experience. that bites! The trainer probably had you on the wrong kind of lifting plan :( You should try BodyPUMP, it is more about muscle endurance (leaning out, rather than bulking). Just an idea 😉

  6. I loooove heavy weightlifting! I use 40 pound dumbbells for bicep curls. And I teach women (and a couple of guys) how to bench press because I just had such a great experience with it, I want to pass it on!

    I think it makes a huge difference how excited the person who teaches you heavy weightlifting is about it themselves. The women I teach to bench press just love it!

    :-) Marion

  7. In the summertime I crave salads as if they were chocolate. Seriously, salads and me are BBFs in the summer. I love it!


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