Shakin’ It Up Friday

You guys are amazing! I love hearing your stories, ideas, and comments about intuitively eating. Let’s just say we are all working towards eating the way our BODIES want us to eat :)

I know I mentioned “Mindless Eating” (as an eye-opener, great book), but I have also read “The End of Overeating” by David Kessler which takes a scientific approach to understanding how the brain works in regards to rewards, satiety, and pleasure. Very cool stuff :)

Anyways, it has been a GREAT day so far. I mean it had to be with the day starting out like so:


That would be a PINK snuggie on my man. No words. Even HE can make that look good. (And no, he is not trying to sell you on the Snuggie. ha)

Last night I ate with a friend:

we had fun!

we enjoyed salads:

spinach + beets + goldfish + craisins + turkey + peas + broc



spinach chicken pizza <---ALL American pizza.

and dessert (pizza)!!:

cinnamon stix + cookie dough + apple (dessert pizza)

I left full (slightly over satisfied), but I knew that we had fun and ate some really good food :)

And besides, I knew today was going to be hard core….

A.M. Workout:

  • 1 hour Core Cross Training class (we used bands. I thought I was going to die! ha!)
  • 1 hour incrediibllleee ZUMBA class! (hello Zumba calories!)

I shook it with my friend (whom I ate dinner with last night),

hi! (instead of a sweaty photo, I picked a nice one. You're welcome)

and we were SO sweaty at the end—- it looked like we had jumped in the pool with out clothes on! Great sign we had fun :) Besides, I went into the class with the attitude of “I am going to give it ALL I’ve got….,” and that I did.

Oh how I love shakin’ it with a room full of women. Whatdayasay to that?? Should we have Zumba classes together, people?? I say yes…….so be excited for changes coming at ya (website), because you just might get your wish πŸ˜‰

Afterwards I ate one of these:

flax whole wheat banana muffins...with some cream cheese frosting on top

Yep, the High Protein Whole Wheat Flax Banana Bread came back again! (see recipe HERE)

So good. I added a Greek yogurt+cream cheese frosting to the top (because I took out some of the sugar in the recipe)….I like it better that way! A less sweet muffin with amazing frosting….frosting should be a part of every week. But only if it is really really good. (I hate cheap frosting. yick!)

In a bit I am off to eat a birthday lunch with my husband<—his b-day is in a week-ish, but the restaurant he wants to go to is unavailable for us the day of his b-day. SO we improvise. :) All about being flexible around here.

Then cleaning, organizing, and work to do later… maybe a movie?? See ya!

cleaning out the closets around here...

Have a GREAT Friday!

Have YOU shookin’ it up recently?? Any yummy eats recently? What are YOU doing tonight?

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