Intuitively Eating + Thankful Thursday

Hey, hey. Glad none of you think I am too crazy with all the random combos I come up with….but sometimes you just got to have it!

A.M. Workout:

  • 32 mins of HIIT intervals on my beloved stairmill
  • 34 mins of HIIT intervals on elliptical
  • 10 mins of hamstring, glute, adductor/abductor work
  • 6 min of planks, stability ball abs, and weighted crunches


I was pretty much just all over the place! Sometimes I get bored, so I do intervals (umm hello crazy HIIT work!). And sometimes there is a certain area that day that I want to feel the burn… yah, that is how I structure my workouts on the days when I just want to DO what I want to do.

Got to listen to that body.

With that being said, I wanted to briefly mention intuitive eating…because it is an important principle I had to relearn after years of deprivation, followed by a year or so of bingeing and overeating. See more of my story HERE.

Intuitive Eating

When we were born as babies we listened to our bodies. We ate until satisfied and we stopped when we were full. We never overate. We did not eat on schedules necessarily, we did not deny ourselves food, and we never ate until uncomfortably stuffed (unless of course this was pushed upon by grown ups).

little 09

So why can’t we sometimes do this now? And how do we get back to THAT?

A few reasons keep us from eating intuitively:

  1. learned behaviors<—i.e. starving self, binge eating, overcompensation, strict rules
  2. diets!!! <—-such a huge scam (in my opinion. they never work in the long run. Research proves this)
  3. others’ behaviors, like social gatherings, parties, events, celebrations, birthdays
  4. we punish ourselves with food (or the lack thereof)
  5. emotions, emotional eating, and mindless eating
  6. weight reasons, scared of weight gain, and fat/carb concerns
  7. so SO much advertising. Food is everywhere and available at ALL times of the day.
  8. portion sizes nowadays are HUGE, and much larger than meals 20 years ago<—but we’ve been told the mentality to ‘clean our plates’

The reason I bring this up is that yesterday, a few hours after eating lunch (veggies + chicken) and a small snack, I was hungry again! I craved a huge salad. But in my head I was like ‘I already ate lunch, I don’t need more.’ But my body was craving a salad. So guess what I did?

I made myself a salad! I listened.

totally hit the spot

A few years ago (anorexia stage) I would have said ‘no way. That is not in the plan and will make me fat.’ A few years after that (binge eating stage) I would have been like ‘okay….but then I’ll probably cram pretzels, cereal, and other random foods into my mouth while making it….oh well.’

Not anymore. I eat when I am hungry (usually!). I stop when I am satisfied (most of the time). And I try not to have crazy rules for myself.

I am an intuitive eater :) I am proud to say this because after years and years of NOT listening to my body, it is an amazing feeling to be able to trust my body and feed it the nutrients it so craves.

Once again, living in the moment, allowing indulgences, and observing my amazing husband (who never ever eats emotionally!), have all helped me get to the spot I am at. I am experiencing healthyliving, inside and out!

I craved it <---Lindt Dark Chocolate ball, and devoured it. SO delish

I once read a book called “Mindless Eating” by Brian Wansink that opened up my eyes to the external cues surrounding our food decisions, and why, psychologically, we often follows those cues and ignore our internal cues (i.e. hunger, satiety). He and his researchers gave the example of a study where they took people to the movies, had the people rate their hunger, then gave them various size bags of {stale} popcorn for free, and then afterwards checked the bags back in to see how much they ate. The people with the larger bags of {stale} popcorn ate 30% more than those who had smaller bags. Only the larger bags had stale popcorn, and the people STILL ate 30% more! Yikes. Don’t think they were eating very intuitively, eh? More like major mindless eating going on.

The book is hilarious, fun, and a great read, especially if you are interested in some of the studies, science, and psychology behind intuitive eating, mindless eating (what we do when we DON’T eat intuitively), and our reactions to social situations and ‘free’ food!

Anyways, so what I am saying is this : I embrace the food we call fuel. I love it. I usually enjoy it. And I try to always savor it. But I try not to just mindlessly pop food into my mouth. Instead I listen to my hunger and body cues that remind me when and what I should eat. And of course, I live a little and sometimes eat when I am not hungry, or devour a delicious ice cream sundae.


But overall, I am at a very happy place, and have been here for some time. By the way, I am super excited to share this knowledge and science with even more people in personal coaching situations soon!

Thankful Thursday

  • I am grateful for an awesome gym right around the corner (and b/c I teach there it is FREE for me! wahoo!)
  • Grateful for change. I embrace and love it!
  • I am super thankful for supportive friends, family, and my husband.

Have a totally lovely day!

What do YOU think about intuitive eating? Any great tips you’d like to share? What are YOU thankful for today?!

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  1. I love this post!

    Isn’t it funny how we LEARN to overeat? I have a hard time when I’m full but there are still snacks on the table…it’s like I gravitate toward them even though I’m plump full!

    I’m thankful today for a job I love and a sweet husband to go home to. :)

    • I know, that dang snack table! ha :) It helps to keep your hands busy, find someone you’ve missed talking to, and eating tons of veggies and fruits (at buffets/snack tables).

  2. Preach it sister πŸ˜‰

    Intuitive eating is something I am tackling day by day…I never had that skill growing up and didn’t really figure it out until last year actually….

    When your body wants something, usually it’s because it needs the nutrients from that food…Unless it’s something like mars bars πŸ˜‰

    It’s really interesting that so many people (myself included) have to train themselves to listen to what their body is telling them…Which is still a skill I am still learning some days!

    I am thankful for knee numbing corn niblets…

  3. hi pretty lady! great post! I think there’s a lot to be said for promoting intuitive eating – I think it’s great that people are spreading the word, if only to get more people to think about their hunger cues (and therefore eat less emotionally). I think that book might just be worth a read!

  4. Caroline says:

    it sounds like you have really come to terms with balanced eating and I admire that.
    I think the hardest is when family gets together because eating is such a social event, we ignore our “full feeling” and keep nibbling because other people are. How do you manage intuitive eating at family reunions?

    • thanks, it has been a looonnngg road :)

      Getting together with family is THE hardest for me too. But I find that eating a lot of fruits/veggies first helps. PLus asking myself ‘before’ getting more if I ‘really’ need it or if I just want it. If it is worth it, I go for it, if not, I eat something else or just enjoy the great conversation! A work in progress :)

  5. Love that photo of you! I think intuitive eating is great, it’s so liberating. It does take time but I’m so sure that it’s worth it. I will have to check out that book.

    • it is SO liberating, you’re right. Like, NO I will not eat you mister ice cream bucket, because I already had one serving. If only it were that easy. Just talk to your food πŸ˜‰

  6. Such a great post! My dad always made me finish my plate of food no matter WHAT, so I definitely grew up with a distorted sense of eating. It has been very difficult for me to learn how to eat intuitively, and I’m still a work in progress, but I feel so much better now than I did years ago!

    • thanks girl:)

      We are all a work in progress, and if you’re better today than yesterday you’ve made improvements. GO YOU!

  7. I really should read mindless eating! Sound like a very interesting book.

    I love the idea of intuitive eating, and I try to listen to my body as much as I can, but it’s certainly easier said than done.

    You have a great new mindset. THanks for this enlightening post!

    And, oh yes. I’m thankful for being able to ride my bike to work the past few days (in the SUN), and for all the bloggers (like you) who have been opening me up to new ways of thinking about food! Very insightful post :)


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