Full On Vegetables

HEY, hey. Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

If you missed mine, check out the good times Friday I had, and the Kale Chips I made!

Oh and remember what happened a week ago today? My announcement about a coach for life? Well, things are really starting to roll, so I guess be ready to embrace change :) When things feel good, you have to roll with it, ya know. No matter what others say, go follow your dreams!

I am feeling quite chipper today. Maybe it was my freakin’ intense workout this a.m.? What is wrong with me on Mondays? Seriously….

A.M. Workout:

  • 52 minutes stairmill HIIT INTERVALS <—-killer. I alternated 3 mins practically running stairs with 3 mins walking up stairs
  • 12 minutes elliptical
  • 12 minutes abs, plank holds, glute work

I have no idea what was up with my weird timing, either. Usually I do stuff on the 5s. DO you? Like 10, 15, 20….etc. Oh well, must be a Monday thing. Ha! Blame it on the Mondays. I feel bad for Mondays sometimes…..

….anyways, I was going to take a picture afterward, but I will spare you all the gruesome, scary, and very sweaty picture. Not pretty. Doesn’t need to be posted 😉

But my b-fast was pretty.

Nabbed this bugger from my gym (they were giving them away for free, and I am NOT one to pass up free fruit!)

soo juicy

(I ate the other half before it made the picture….)

quinoa steal the show again

Oats + Quinoa + lite soy milk + water + honey + almonds + cinnamon

an overview look…….

heaven in a bowl...

Here is a question for you, have you ever gotten full on vegetables?

Most likely the answer is yes. I know I sure have! The reason being that veggies are stock full of water, fiber, and various nutrients that leave us feeling satisfied, happy, and full. I LOVE the feeling of being super satisfied with tons of veggies. They are literally high water-dense foods!

Enter last night’s dinner….


So delish:

the huge side salad

spinach + strawbs + almonds + Panera Poppyseed (best ever) dressing

main event

HUGE portion of mixed veggies + whole wheat rotini + bbq chicken

Pretty sure I ate more than ‘half a plate’ portion of veggies last night. And it was SO delish.

My favorite veggies include (but are not limited to):

  • carrots
  • spinach
  • cucumber
  • broccoli
  • snap peas
  • squash
  • red, orange, and yellow bell peppers
  • sweet potatoes
  • kale
  • purple onions
  • pumpkin
  • cauliflower
  • purple cabbage
  • romaine lettuce
  • veggie burger patties….

Colorful foods are my friends. Like I said, these veggies are full of vitamins like A, K, C, and minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and antioxidants like Beta Carotene, Lycopene.

What more could you want out of a food, really?

And who says we ONLY have to fill half our plate with veggies, anyways 😉

piles of veggies!

What are YOUR favorite veggies? Have YOU gotten full of veggies before?

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  1. Raw veggies especially – baby carrots and bell pepper strips fill me up quickly!

  2. I could eat carrots by the pound. My boyfriends mom calls me a rabbit, actually, because I plowed through her huge bag of baby carrots in two days.

  3. I think my favorite veggies are broccoli (can’t get enough!!) and butternut squash!! I love most veggies but I’d have to say that those two are my favorite.

  4. Caroline says:

    broccoli and spinach are my fav! I only pass up mushrooms and brussel sprouts. (they are gross)

  5. Debbie says:

    Thanks for all your tips. Whats your Quinoa cereal recipe? How do you cook it?

  6. I’ve never been a fan of the stair stepper, but I like your 3×3 workout!

    • Check out my post from today on overcoming fears and excuses 😉 The stair mill is THE best!! But I understand we all have our thang 😉

      And yah, the 3×3 adds a little variety, ya know?!

  7. I have been steaming lots and lots of broccoli and carrots. I love them crisp-tender with a bit of soy sauce and some spicy red chili sauce!

  8. although we live in the city(Fredericton, NB), we have built a small raised bed at the side of our house. We pentald arugula, tomatoes, various hot peppers and some herbs. We’ve been eating from the arugula for almost a month now and our tomatoe plants have fruit starting. Luckily, our grandfather and father have pentald a garden in Rusagonis so there should be no shortage of fresh produce. As you know, we are also blessed to have a great farmers market here in Fredericton, so we try to buy local as often as we can. We are not perfect, but every little bit helps. Have you tried homemade pizza with fresh veggies and local cheese? America’s Test Kitchen has a really good, easy pizza dough recipe that can be made in the food processor.


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