Kale Chips

Happy Weekend to you all! I celebrated the weekend so far by cleaning, relaxing, and hitting up some awesome classes today.

Today’s a.m. workout:

As you can see, I was SO stoked and ready for this a.m.’s workout. Oh Saturday, I love thee!


If you care, here is the weight selection I used in BodyPUMP today. To see other weight selections I have used, go HEREHERE and HERE.

  • Warmup: 25 lb
  • Squats: 50 lb <—-the only track I did my usual weight for (because this track said to go lower than normal)
  • Chest: 40 lb
  • Back: 45 lb <—-FIRST time ever to do so much!
  • Triceps: 25 lb
  • Biceps: 25 lb <–whoop whoop!
  • Lunges: 45 lb <—thought I was going to die at the end. ha.
  • Shoulders: 25 lb
  • Abs: 10 lb

SO there ya have it. I love feeling the burn in a good workout….and then stretching it out in a great yoga or stretching class!

On to….


I have seen these bad boys around (in the blog world), but had never attempted them. Well, this was SIMPLE.

  • heat oven to 375 degrees
  • tear leaves off stems

on a baking sheet

  • spray with olive oil

best sprayer around!

  • top with spices (I used sea salt, red pepper, pepper, and garlic)

you can see the spices if you look closely...

  • top with nutritional yeast (optional, but it gives it a cheesy flavor)


  • bake for 15 minutes

all done baking--edges are slightly brown!

  • EAT!!

SO easy. SO delicious. SO full of nutrients. Enjoy the easy recipe!

dinner time

I ate this last night at dinner, and am eating them again right. this. minute. Mmmmm!

Have a great rest of your weekend all you lovely people :)

Have YOU ever made Kale Chips before and any suggestions of add ins?? How is YOUR weight lifting regimen going?

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  1. I’ve recently joined the kale chip bandwagon, too! Aren’t they SO delicious?! I’m definitely going to try nutritional yeast on mine next time; thanks for the great idea!! :)

  2. I have never tried a BodyPump class, but a new Army wife just moved in on post and SHE’S an RPM and BodyPump instructor, so hopefully I can drop in on a few of her classes, they seem like fun!

    I was just thinking about making kale chips yesterday, and this recipe looks easy! I’ll add it to my shopping list. :)

  3. Melodie says:

    Hi! I found your blog through Tina’s :) Really enjoy reading your posts!

    My boys and I LOVE kale chips. I love making them garlicky. My hubby hates them though!

    I just received “RIPPED” in the mail, which I read is very much like Bodypump. I am watching it now and it is making me exhausted just watching it!

  4. Hooray for Kale Chips!!! If I am feeling “saucy” I dip mine in ketchup! Being that I know you are as much of a ketchup freak as I am, I’m sure you will enjoy them!!!

    PS I just bought a misto the other day. Greatest. thing. ever!

  5. Adobo Seasoning = bombbbbbb on kale chips! :)



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