Berry Good + Thankful Thursday

It has been a “Berry GOOD” day so far! 😉

I woke up (too early for me. ha!) and looked like this after changing:

uhhhh a tad tired, but excited for the workout ahead

I woke up ready to hit my intense workout I had planned…..

At the gym:

  • 45 minute HIIT workout on the STAIRmill. *I thought I was going to die there for a few minutes……8 high intensity intervals intermixed with slower stair stepping. Let’s just say I was as wet as outside! Soooo scchhhweeaty :)
  • 20 minutes of recovery on elliptical (while reading!)
  • 20 minutes of abs, glutes, & hamstring work

Showered. <—-I was nasty wet. like ooober sweaty. (but it felt good! ha) And ate another BERRY delicious b-fast:

quinoa + oats + lite soy milk + BERRIES + chia seeds

I say another, because well, earlier this week (Sunday) I had these:

hello gorgeous!

and these (Monday) :

the berries were the star

and this (Tuesday, after teaching BodyPUMP):

BERRY smoothie!

All of the above combos included mixed frozen berries! They are amazing. I adore and have fallen madly back in love with berries! Sheesh, what has been happening to me….falling in love with such great foods?! 😉

In case you care—The waffles were whole wheat, the smoothie was made with spinach and soy milk, and the b-fast this morning had almonds added to it after the photo was taken.

Did you know that berries are arguably THE best fruit for us to eat? They have the most antioxidants (anti-cancer/disease fighting agents, pretty much), offer the most vitamins and minerals, help aid the best in weight management and control, and are naturally super sweet/tangy. Score!

In case you care, blackberries are my ALL time favorite. With raspberries, strawberries, and then blueberries bringing up the rear. ha.

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am SO grateful for my awesome, amazing SISTER who is graduating from NURSING school today!!!! She is amazing and her and her husband have endured many sacrifices so she could attend, excel in, and graduate from Nursing school. SO proud of her :) <—she ran a marathon with me (check out the recap HERE)

being silly....

we had been crying.... (she's on the right)

yep, she is gorgeous! CONGRATS to her today!!

  1. I am also thankful for a fabulous Internet connection. I promise never to complain again about you!
  2. I am thankful for abundance in my life!

Have a marvelous day!!

What is YOUR favorite berry? What foods do YOU add berries to? What are YOU thankful for!?

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  1. My favorite berry has to be strawberry! They’re pretty, sweet, and scream summer to me! I love putting them in scones right now. I found and posted the best recipe! YUM!
    I’m thankful for the sun being out today…it’s be gone for a week!

  2. Congrats for your sister! Your food looks delicious! I love getting ideas from your posts! Thanks so much!
    My favorite berry…..all of them! We just had Strawberry Rhubarb dessert so today I’m going to say strawberries! =)

  3. Favorite berry would have to be blueberry which is funny because i hated the things before….Raspberry’s are a close second followed by strawberries….OK Annette I actually can’t pick one…But now I want them all…THANKS!

    I am thankful for my powerful legs as they carried me through an 8K run at 4:45 this morning!

  4. YUM! I love berries on my french toast, too! I’m a french toast fiend!

  5. Yum, your meals look delicious — especially those waffles!! I add berries to my afternoon smoothie and I always like to top my oatmeal with blueberries or raspberries. I’m also a big fan of blackberries!

    Congrats to your sis!

  6. Hey cute girl! I am glad I found your blog! Way to tough it out on the stair mill so long! I have never gone past 20 mins, so that seems like FOREVER to me! You will have to tell me your secrets of how you do it!

    • Secrets….hmmm. I had to work up to that amount, that is for sure! The first time I did the stairs I like died after 5 minutes. So yah, practice?

      Loud music and a book to read are a HUGE help as well :) <---the stairmill I use has a sweet book holder

  7. You and your sister look so much alike! My favorite berries are blackberries. When summer comes around, I could eat blackberry cobbler all day long.

  8. Yum, all those berry inspired dishes look great! You are also the only one I know who looks glamorous before a workout:)

  9. Caroline says:

    Thanks Annette for the shout out!! I am thankful for family that is supportive and loving no matter the circumstances! You are the best!!
    p.s. I need your stair master willpower as well. Send some here please.


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