Ode to Quinoa

It is dreary weather here….but that did not stop me from going to Yoga and Zumba! I burned some major Zumba calories today, too :) One of my fav instructors taught Zumba and it was fabulous to just shake it, even with the dark weather and rain beating down outside.




Are you guys all sick of talking about the weather with people? HA. It is the best and worst conversation starter, but oh how it gets old complaining about the weather. One day it is TOO hot, the next it is TOO cold, or TOO rainy.

Why do we always find something to complain about?? For me, focusing on the positives and the things to be grateful for changes my mood and makes it instantly all BETTER :)

Like Quinoa, for instance. It makes life SO much better. And WHY have I not been obsessed with this grain before?!? It is amazing.

You can eat it for breakfast….


that would be: quinoa and oats + chia seeds + almonds


Quinoa is actually a grain-like seed, and is not really a ‘cereal’. Wikipedia calls it a pseudocereal, because it is not a member of the ‘grass’ family. Quinoa is actually related to spinach, beets, and tumbleweeds.

Tumbleweeds. MMMM.. :)

Seriously though, quinoa is a grain-like food that can replace rice in almost any dish. With its incredible nutritional stats, I don’t know why I haven’t used it more often before now?!

Stats for quinoa (1 cup COOKED<—-which is a lot to eat!):

  • 222 calories
  • 4 g fat
  • 39 g carbohydrates
  • 5 g dietary fiber
  • 8 g protein
  • 15% of IRON recommendation (based on USDA recommendations)
  • 30% of Magnesium recommendation <—-helpful for bones and reducing risk of <3 attacks

I make sure to include healthy foods in my diet (usually 80% clean), but I especially like to include ‘superfoods’ each day. Quinoa is most definitely a super grain! (or pseudograin. ha.) It is wayyyy tastier than rice in my opinion.

For those who are interested in nutrition and weight management ideas, quinoa is a fabulous way to flatten the belly, get good, quality protein, and stay satisfied for longer.

Quinoa is considered a whole grain, the type of foods that help reduce fat in the belly area, maintain satiety (because of the fiber!), and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Who knew such a power food is so easy to use and make??

How to Cook:

  1. All you have to do is cook the quinoa like rice–
  2. 1 cup quinoa to about 1.5 cups water
  3. Boil
  4. Remove from heat, place a top on the pan, and let sit
  5. Fluff with a fork and its ready to serve!

(so, I had a picture of a super fast, easy dinner I made with quinoa being the star, but my computer is not letting me upload it. arrghhhh :( ) <—next time!

Have a lovely day, and go try out a NEW to-you food…. :)

Have YOU ever eaten quinoa? Do YOU have some great quinoa dishes/recipes to share??

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  1. I just made quinoa for the first time the other day! I’m totally loving it. I made a Mediterranean salad out of it mixed with TONS of veggies :)

    Here’s the post about it: http://freshfruition.com/2011/05/16/a-weekend-of-firsts/

    I absolutely loved them. The texture is so awesome!

  2. I recently got into Zumba and I love it! It’s such a fun workout :) I’ve never had sweet quinoa before, it looks so yummy 😀

  3. We are never happy with the weather. It drives me CRAZY to hear people complain every day about it…I am happy we don’t have 3 feet of snow like we did a few months ago…

    Quinoa….DROOL….As you already know I love quinoa and posted a fantastic recipe JUST TODAY! I think I am going to eat it for supper too…

  4. quinoa is THE BEST! I always have a hard time cooking it, though, so I’ll try this method! How do you cook it with oats, too?

  5. Zumba is the best!!!! And I’ve never had quinoa, but I’ve heard good things about it!


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