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Hey all! It was fun to feel (and read) your support for the changes that will be happening! I am excited to be a coach for life…..a HEALTHY life for every and any one wanting to try it out :) Β I was pretty much born to teach, educate, and motivate (in the areas of fitness/health), and luckily that is my passion as well! You will see changes to the website shortly.

Thanks again for rooting for me as I reach my dreams, goals, and live my passion. Each and every day. Hopefully this dream will include some of you as well, you’re the best! :)

Zumba Love

As many of you know, I absolutely loooovvveee Zumba. I have always been a dancer, so I enjoyed step and aerobic classes, but none of them kept me ‘hooked.’ Once I discovered Zumba at my gym, I immediately felt a pull towards the class and made sure to attend at least 2x/week. I not only found a class I LOVED and ENJOYED going to (BIG things in the fitness world!), I sweat buckets, lost some weight/got more toned, and smiled tons.

excited to teach, even if it was late (8pm)

Now, each instructor is VERY different. Some are more high intense (hmmm… like me :) ), and others are not as intense. I found through attending other classes that I gravitate toward the higher intensity classes. It is just my nature. And thus, when I teach, the class is dripping and tired by the end<—-as am I! That is the way I like a great Zumba class: intense and fun. Oh and the Zumba clothes are super fun :) (check it out at zumba.com)

Some people have wondered how many calories you burn in Zumba?

The ‘Zumba calories‘ burned vary from class to class, instructor to instructor, and person to person.

There are a variety of aspects to consider when calculating the ‘Zumba calories‘:

  • height and weight of a person
  • current fitness level of that participant
  • how intense the class is overall
  • if the class has highs (intense songs) intermixed with lows (less intense songs)
  • how many breaks are included in the class
  • how long the warmup and cool down are
  • what types of songs are included in the class (a Merengue song is usually higher intense than a Salsa song, for instance)
  • how hydrated the dancer is
  • how intense that specific person decides to go<—-if the person does not jump as high, move her hips as much, or shake her arms….these all factor into the caloric burn


Exercise is NOT all about calories. However, if someone is watching their weight, wanting to lose weight, or is simply interested, calorie counting can be fun and useful.

The AVERAGE caloric burn or “Zumba calories” in a 60 minute Zumba class can typically range from 400-750 calories. Refer to the above factors as to why this is such a large span.

Obviously the heavier a person weighs the more calories she burns as compared to a smaller person (more energy is required to move a larger body). The more rigorous a person dances, the more hip shakes a person does, and the more clapping or yelling a person does also would increase a caloric burn.

Thus, it is very hard to really know how many calories a person burns in Zumba……but a really good way to figure it out would be to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How tired are you during the class?
  2. Does your heart beat quite fast during the quicker steps, moves, and Zumba dances?
  3. How sweaty did you get? (<—-only a good question if the person regularly sweats when working hard)
  4. Did you smile tons, have fun, and enjoy it?
  5. How tired are you at the END of the class? Could you go another hour? <—-if not, then most likely you burned some serious Zumba calories :)

I know for me personally I have had some days where I feel “it” more so than others. Last night, for example, I had fun teaching Zumba, but I was probably not as much ‘into’ it as I could have been……I definitely don’t do so hot teaching super intense classes late at night (it was at 8pm!! That is almost my bed time. ha.)

ready to DANCE!

Hopefully this helps for those of you wondering how many ‘Zumba calories’ are burned. If you are serious about knowing, a BodyBugg can be bought and worn (<—–it tracks calories burned) to know more accurately.

I have talked to so SO many women and men alike who have lost a lot of weight with Zumba. I think the reason people do so is because the classes have fun music, great moves, and awesome energy. It keeps people coming back for MORE!

By the way, you can click HERE to enjoy Zumba on DVD if there are no classes near you!

Zumba DVD set (source)

Today’s a.m.:

  • drank part of this


  • elliptical for 40 minutes (alternating between hills and flats)….it was HARD!
  • taught BodyPUMP, 60 minutes (and afterwards drank the rest of the smoothie)
  • after posting this….I’m about to eat this:

I LOVE tuna fish!

Have YOU attended a Zumba class recently? What kept YOU from staying away or going again?? <—I like ideas and tips to help me be a better instructor :)

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  1. I think I am way too uncoordinated to even TRY Zumba. I have zero rhythm!

    • untrue πŸ˜‰ Everyone has a ‘wiggle bug’ inside them that is itching to dance and shake it. No one cares if you’re on rhythm or not, promise!!

  2. i went to a zumba class and the instructor didn’t have very good rhythm. the moves didn’t correspond to the music very well. it didn’t work for me! so I guess I love teachers who are really good dancers πŸ˜‰

  3. I too love Zumba! it’s honestly the only class I’ve really wanted to go to more than once!

  4. My friend just introduced me to the Zumba Dvds. We did them afterwork and I LOVED it. It was fun, easy to learn, and you don’t get bored at all! I think going to an actual class would be 10x better for sure!

  5. As you know I just attended my first class last week and loved it! Our instructor is just so fun and loose…You can really tell she has so much fun being up there…Her enthusiasm and inhibition is contagious! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s class and the next 10 weeks!!

    I love how freeing zumba is…AND I must say I feel totally sexy while doing it!!

  6. Great article!

    Calculate how many zumba calories you burn with http://sites.google.com/site/zumbacaloriesburnt


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