Why a Coach For Life Can Help YOU Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Hey friends! Happy Monday, so glad your weekend went well too<—if you missed me this weekend, check what I think about healthyliving, and how I didn’t care what others thought about me!

So today, I did an a.m. workout that was a great way to kick the week (and this exciting post!!) off—-> a smattering of:

  • 40 minutes stairs
  • 20 minutes HIIT (on the treadmill)
  • 15 minutes elliptical
  • 10 mins abs.

Random, yes, but just what I wanted!

So, as I mentioned before, some crazy changes are happening. And they are ALL great! And some are going to be reflected on this website :)


As you know I recently received my Master’s degree in Exercise Sciences: Health Promotion.

DId it!

What you may not know however is this: I did my undergrad in Exercise Sciences and Nutritional Sciences, have coached hundreds of clients, have performed over 500 biometric, anthropometric, and fitness tests for clients, and recently officially received my Wellness Coach Certification.

I have seen over the years in doing all of that education, training, and coaching, that there is SOMETHING very significant about having a coach, a teacher, an expert, if you will, showing exactly how best to meet fitness and health goals, education, or dreams.

I have always had a mentor teaching me the ropes, showing me how best to go about doing something, or to cheer me along.

Some mentors/coaches include my husband, parents, professors, coworkers, and other students. All of these people have helped ME become who I am. And to them I am grateful. I would NOT be where I am with out them.


I have tried to do things without others’ help, but that just turned out disastrous, catastrophic, and a total waste of time.

Thank goodness for great COACHES!!


So why the ode to coaches??

Well, lets look at our present day’s health situation. There are currently:

  • TOO many crazy, unhealthy, and very harmful diets and regimens out there
  • those lead to SO many people developing unhealthy habits and therefore, lives
  • experts say obesity and overweight is on THE RISE. More and more people are getting unhealthier, not the other way around!
  • there is also too much unknown, hidden suffering in the lives of those we love
  • those loved ones may be suffering from binge eating disorders, chronic illness, or self-doubt
  • they make lack self-confidence, suffer from too much stress
  • they may just lack information and guidance, without anyone knowing the wiser

In essence, so many of these problems could be solved with the aide of a wellness and health coach.

Think about this : How many of US would love to hire an expert in an area we are not comfortable in, but want to be better at?? I sure do. And would. And HAVE.

Coaching for me is a no-brainer. A vital step to achieving success.

If you want to be better at something, know more about something, and become proficient, capable, and able to do something on YOUR own, having a COACH for life is the best thing out there.

That is why the best athletes choose the BEST coaches to teach, guide, and instruct. And then that is why those athletes break records, make history, and feel proud of their accomplishments and where they have come.

Michael Phelps with his COACH

What this ALL means

As such, I have decided to take my expertise, knowledge, experience, and PASSION for this area and develop it into a health coaching program! Coaching for HEALTH, Fitness, and Wellness.

For who, you ask?

For everyone!! For all of YOU. Readers, friends, friends of readers. Those suffering from binge-eating disorders, chronic diseases, food anxiety, overweight or obesity, an inability to stay in a fitness program, lack of motivation to run or do a race, and/or pregnancy weight gain, etc.


I am excited to announce that I am launching that part of this site, SOON!!!, to be devoted to just that, WELLNESS, HEALTH, and FITNESS COACHING.

As I mentioned, I have a passion for this : proper nutrition, holistic wellness, health, fitness, and stress management. I always have. That is probably why I have loved teaching fitness classes, pursued so many fitness and health certifications, and gotten multiple degrees in the area 😉

So I am so excited to share that with others, to be coaching for health, and hopefully make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering from horrible diets, unhealthy habits, chronic disease, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, stress, and/or holding onto unwanted post-pregnancy weight.

The official launch will happen SOON, so be excited!


Tell ALL

You are welcome to tell friends, co-workers, parents, cousins, and even other bloggers! (I would LOVE it if you did!) <—especially after the official launch (soon!!).

I would really love to be able to help as many as I can. And of course, you loyal readers, if you would like some coaching, help, or tips (I get tons of questions in my inbox daily!!), I am there for you!

**Do not worry, there will always be a blog attached to this site<—so you still get to hear my tips, chatter, excitement of Zumba for free. heh. :)

***some of the links don’t work yet<—not until the pages are officially set to go. I will let you know when!

Thank you for understanding the upcoming change. It is going to be exciting for ME and for all of YOU and YOUR friends!

Have a lovely day!

Have YOU ever gone for YOUR goals and dreams alone with no guide?? What was the difference when someone knowledgable helped YOU attain a dream or goal??

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  1. WOW ANNETTE!!! I am so excited for you. I think that is such a great way to use your knowledge and passion.

  2. Congratulations on your degree! I love the name and mission of your upcoming site. You have so much to offer, tons of good info, plus a great attitude! I look forward to reading your future posts. Marion

  3. CONGRATS girl!! I look forward to seeing your journey unfold!

  4. How exciting Annette! I can’t think of a person more suited for the role of health coach. You have personally helped me in my pursuit of a healthy life. I’m glad others will have this opportunity too!


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