Who Cares?

Happy Weekend! I have had a fabulous weekend thus far….SO great :)

My weekend mantra is: Who Cares? As in….Who Cares What Others Think Of Me??

Let me explain….

First I enjoyed a weirdo/random Friday night dinner:

random dinner

Nope, I don’t mess around with my meals.


Gotta have the perfect crisscrosses.

so satisfying.

Then we went and saw a movie without my having any makeup on…. I know, right?


{it was a GREAT movie, by the way}

Gotta have popcorn at the movies:

bring a bag of popcorn in your purse<--much healthier!

Caramel Apple variety. I tote popcorn around, don’t you??

Still not caring….

I enjoyed 6 different Fro YO flavors in ONE cup.

FRo YO after da movie. love.

1.vanilla+2. vanilla bean+3. mango+4. dark chocolate+5. raspberry delight+6.coconut

+toppings (heath crunchies, caramel, strawberry syrup)

And the whole time, I looked like a crispy strawberry

sunburned + fro yo :)

{remember how my plan was to do work outside?? yah, outside I was. Without a lot of sunscreen(I had SOME on), I was as well :( }

Yep, did NOT care one bit what others thought of me and my “wild” Friday night out with the husband. ha.

*My husband is one who could care less what others think of him<—and that is something I REALLy admire about him. So last night I practiced being JUST like him. Not caring one bit.

And you know what? It was LIBERATING!

Todays a.m. : I taught a BodyPUMP class and took a Yoga class….so I am OFF now to have a productive and relaxing day!! Have a great one :)

Have YOU ever gone out in public <—on a FRIDAY night, without makeup on?? Do YOU mix fro yo flavors??

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  1. Um.. love how you have 6 different fro yo flavors. That is utterly amazing.

  2. I always bring a bag of popcorn to the movies. That’s SMART!! healthy and cheap 😉

  3. MmMm ketchup!!!

    I don’t remember the last time I wore makeup…I didn’t even wear makeup on my wedding day! I know right? So needless to say I definitely go out on Fridays without makeup…

    AND I bring my own snacks into the theatre….

    I haven’t mixed THAT many flavors but I’m not opposed to the idea…

  4. What did your husband eat for dinner? :) you look cute ohne makeup! Way to enjoy your liberating weekend :)

  5. Awesome mantra, such a great attitude to have! And LOVE the 6 fro-yo flavors:)



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