HAPPY Friday! It is a glorious day yet again….I think I am going to have to take my work outside today 😉

This a.m. : taught a Core Cross Training class and rode 7.5 miles on a bike.

Yep, you heard me (read me??): I RODE a BIKE!! Granted it was inside. I did pedal pretty slow. And I got really hot. But no one crashed into me. I did not die. And yes, I will do it again.

the black EYE<--someone crashed into me while riding, 1.5 yrs ago

I mean I am going to have to, if I want to reach my triathlon goals and all 😉

So yeah, I was stoked that I finally FINALLY got my butt in a bike. Progress, people. Some of us do not like biking. And that would pretty much describe moi. So I am working to CHANGE that thinking :)

Anywho, the weekend is almost here, the news you’ve all been waiting for is coming next week, and life is about to get super fantastic (more so than it already is). Can you FEEL the positive vibes jumping out at you through the computer? I thought so :)

I've got all kinds of GOOD vibes after eating these!

whole wheat bread #1:topped with Gruyere+turkey+spicy mustard, whole wheat bread #2:topped with Gruyere+raspberry jam.


On that note, I wanted to say a few words about HealthyLiving, and how it has made me happier than EVER to live this way.

In review:

  • As you might know I struggled to find balance in my life of food and exercise<–became wayyyy too skinny
  • I overate after a few years of deprivation, once I decided to let go
  • After gaining some weight, and being unhappy with how I viewed food, I decided to shift my paradigm
  • I started focusing MORE on whole foods, and exercising for FUN (rather than a “have to”)
  • I married a man who loves me for who I AM<—I used to berate myself for not being who I thought I SHOULD be
  • Instead of trying to be ‘perfect’ in everything, I am currently practicing what I call “healthyliving”

Because of all that, my definition of HealthyLiving is:

  1. enjoying the moments in the PRESENT<—and stop worrying about the past or future!
  2. getting good, quality exercise because I WANT it and LOVE it
  3. fueling my body with whole foods MOST of the time (remember, I always enjoy some great indulgences!)
  4. sharing with others my passion (I love teaching, educating, and motivating!<–have you noticed? haha)
  5. spending quality time with the ones I love
  6. serving others as best I can (I love babysitting!)
  7. taking time daily to meditate/relax/do religious study/prayer<—best way to de-stress for me!

Have a GREAT weekend! I’m off to do some work, meet up with my sister (via ichat) and dance, help friends move, and enjoy a date night with the husband :)

What does HEALTHYLIVING mean to YOU?? Any tips or ideas to share to incorporate into my daily routines?

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  1. Alicia says:

    I love your food stuff! Its hard when you feel you should be a certain way- good thing there are good husbands out there to tell you everyday how great you are just being you!

  2. Mmm I love the salty/sweet combo with the cheese and jam.

  3. Great job getting back the bike. That’s a hard thing to do after a bad accident. Healthy living easily saved me from myself. I was caught up in a bad cycle of disordered eating and I was able to find myself again because of it.

  4. healthy living means making the choices that make me feel my best. it’s hard when you are in college!


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