Injury Prevention + Thankful Thursday

HEy! It is a glorious morning….all SUNNY and bright :) I just got back from teaching a really fun BodyPUMP class. Lots o’ energy there!

In case you’re new around here (Hello!!!), refer to the reasons why I love weight lifting, the benefits of it all, and how it can help you : HERE and HERE. Some good stuff, promise :)

Today I took a very long shower……sometimes you just have to do that, ya know?? Felt awesome. TMI?

Last night’s dinner after teaching a BodyPUMP class (I told you I was subbing tons this week. ha!) it was an EASY one!:

veggie patty + sweet potato fries + KETCHUP<--love that stuff

Anyone else loooovveee ketchup?? I try to buy the NON HFCS kind, so it is just normal sugar in this one. HFCS messes with the organ systems, overall body functions, and the way we produce and use insulin. Our bodies see it as a poison (b/c it is). That gets a major :(

A lunch I am about to enjoy after this post:

glorious salad!

lets get a little bit closer, shall we? 😉

spinach + celery + strawbs + roasted almonds + craisins + panera sugarfree/fatfree poppyseed dressing<---this stuff is THE bomb

If you’ve never tried Panera’s Poppyseed dressing, you haven’t lived yet. It is AMAZING. No sugar. No fat. Amazingness. So tasty. And pretty natural too. Score. You can find it at Target or a local grocery store.

Injury Prevention

I got a comment in today’s BodyPUMP class that asked me how/why I have never been injured<—because I have never been seriously injured throughout all my active lifestyle. I have never gotten injured from teaching so much and being so physically active.

Here are my tips/ideas for doing so and being so (knock on wood to stay this way. ha!):

  1. Cross TRAIN! It is important for the body to get a variety of physical activities. I love to teach Zumba, BodyPUMP, and Pilates classes, but I also love doing stairs, running, swimming, walking, practicing yoga and dancing (in other ways).
  2. I stretch. A LOT. This helps release tension in the muscles and protects the joints. I stretch AFTER I workout. This works for me. Research shows much controversy over when is best to stretch….from what I have studied, I roll with doing it after workouts.
  3. I {try to} eat well. I eat to live/fuel my body. I don’t live to eat (not anymore. With my disordered eating history, I did). I get enough nutrients, vitamins, Macros (carbs, protein, good fats) to fuel my lifestyle and protect my organs.
  4. I LIFT weights! NUMBER ONE best thing you can do (in my opinion) to protect those muscles, joints, and tendons. Lift those weights, baby!
  5. Listen to your body. When it HURTS, I stop. If it is a hard hurt, meaning my body wants to go back to doing it the easy way, I keep going. If it is a tendon/bone hurt, I stop. If I am sore, I try to train another area of the body.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings<—esp if you workout outside!
  7. Drink lots of water!! Our bodies are mostly made up of this stuff, so lets FEED it what it needs to work at its optimal best!!
  8. Avoid sugar (most of the time<—gotta have some indulgences once in awhile!), and stay away from soda!! These things all zap your bones of their good stuff (cartilage, cells, marrow, etc.), causing break downs and eventual tears/fractures….and injury!

Thankful Thursday

  • I am already grateful for the SWEET full body massage and facial I am getting today <—gift from the husband for our anniversary!! yep, he is a gem.
  • I am grateful for good books that expand my thinking, motivate me to do and be better, and allow me to escape into a world of fantasy :)
  • SO thankful for upcoming changes in my life!<—stay tuned!

What do YOU do to prevent injuries?? What are YOU thankful for this glorious Thursday??

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  1. I have started doing Yoga to help prevent injuries.. a great way to really get some stretching.. and build some strength. It also helps to relax the boyd and mind. Another thing I am always sure of.. is that I am getting enough sleep!!

  2. That salad looks great. I don’t think I’ve ever had strawberries on a salad before…I think I’m missing out.

  3. Annette, I love this post! So much positive energy and great advice for a healthy happy life–LOVE! Enjoy your massage and facial this afternoon. And I can’t wait to try this panera dressing. Mmmm. Also, homemade sweet potato fries = heavenly. I love strawberries and stone fruits on salads, YUM. Anywho, love this post! xo

  4. I adore ketchup!!

    Your salad looks…how do YOU say it? Oh ya! The bombdotcom 😉

    I am seriously on the edge of my seat in anticipation of your exciting changes!

    I am thankful for my strong and muscular legs…They aren’t feminine in any way shape or form and that’s something I’ve always struggled with but they take me where I need to go with such strength! Walking, running or ZUMBA-ING (I LOVED the class and will post on that today!)

    Great post chickee!

  5. Once I recover from my current injury, I will be using your tips!


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