Weight Training for Females Part Two

Hey! Happy mid week to all you lovely people! I am telling ya, quick, healthy dinners are the best invention ever. Wouldn’t ya say so too?? I love your guys’ ideas <–be sure to check the comments section of THIS post. Geniuses, you all are!

So, last week I blogged about Weight Training…part 1. So here, today is PART TWO, designed specifically for women/females. Ya know, since we’re different and all from men 😉

First of all, my a.m. workout: Yoga class + Zumba class. I didn’t go all out in Zumba today because I taught a Pilates and Zumba class last night. I am just sort of tired and sore. Just sorta 😉

Then b-fast:

chia makes its debut again!

Weight Training For Females

part TWO (part ONE is found HERE)

For females, we CAN lift weights. We SHOULD lift weights. We NEED to lift weights for proper and good health. I have fallen in love with lifting weights and it has pretty much changed my life….for the BETTER!!

Weight lifting can help:

  1. improve bone density (keeping us from developing osteoporosis)
  2. help support joints and improve joint health
  3. obviously strengthen the muscles needed for daily activities.


    Some other not-so obvious benefits of weight training include the following:

    • Calories are burned during weight training exercises.
    • MORE calories are burned after weight training exercises (i.e. the other 23 or so hours of the day) as compared to cardio exercise<—this is called “afterburn”
    • The more muscle we strengthen and build as women, the stronger, fitter, and tighter physique we become and have (if this is your goal). YAH!
    • Weight training for females is the perfect solution to increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy :)
    • It is not hard to start NOW! :)
    • If you weight train in a class at a gym, you have automatic friends who love to lift as well!

    Some things to remember:

    • YOU get to decide which areas to target or work….but full body workouts should include :
    1. legs
    2. back
    3. chest
    4. abdominals
    5. triceps
    6. biceps
    7. shoulders
    • NEVER sacrifice form for anything!
    • Try to do a small/short 5 min. cardio workout beforehand to WARM up the muscles<—not a need, but probably safer!
    • ****If you WANT to focus on weight training, do weight training first, then cardio second. If your goals are to improve in a cardio type (i.e. running), do cardio first, then weight training second. Research shows this helps the body adapt to what YOUR goals are best.

    What is YOUR favorite idea in this ‘how to weight train for females’ post that YOU want to incorporate??

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    1. So true on the bone density! My mom got a DEXA scan before and after BFL and her density improved by a long shot!

    2. I always do my cardio first… I am thinking they maybe I should switch it up .. but worry that my muscles will be too fatigued to get a good cardio work out in after I lift.

    3. this is a great post! I am a runner just now getting into weight lifting to help with injury prevention!

    4. debbie says:

      could you please include the best order for lifting
      which body parts first, next, and the reason for?
      thank you!

      • Hi Debbie!

        it depends on your actual fitness goals, but a nice rule of thumb is to do larger muscle groups first, and then smaller ones. So quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, chest, abs, biceps, triceps, calves, shoulders.

        If you want to split the body into different days, I would do legs/shoulders 1 day, chest/biceps/abs another day, etc. You want to be able to do all moves with good form but still take each muscle group to fatigue (so the muscles are tired by the end).

        Have a good day!


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