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Hey, HEY! Thanks for liking my insanely long post of pictures from a crazy weekend of fun….wasn’t sure if those pics of the desert area we were in would tickle anyone else’s fancy. It is a different type of beauty–but Nature is amazing. It was a FUN trip, but also really really hard. But I am always up for a challenge, so no big thang :)

Today’s a.m. workout: some stair work (about 40 mins) + teaching aΒ BodyPUMP class.

I had WAY too much energy in class today. Is that even possible?? IF so, that was me. I was practically bouncing off the walls, entertaining myself and all the members there. I need to know what the heck caused that? Maybe my fabulous Monday??

Or maybe my breakfast today?

oats+granola+chia seeds!!+lite soy milk

Or the exciting events unfolding in my life? Not sure<—-but I had SO much fun teaching BodyPUMP!

So, my life has taken a turn for craziness<—more on that later! Stay tuned–you definitely wanna :)

Our dinner last night speaks perfectly to this situation:


Yep. Looks familiar, eh?? A repeat. ummmmm yes, I repeat dinners quite often. Especially if the husband said “me likey” throughout the meal πŸ˜‰

so filling and tasty

Wrap out + sauce + spices + veggies + turkey + cheese . (steps found HERE)

balanced Macros too!

Salad on the side.

all together now<--wedding napkin. heh

Whole wheat baguette.

I timed the making of this dinner: 22 minutes. for everything. Pop it in the oven, did some Zumba with my sister (love), and dinner was done 20 minutes later!

Rock ON!

So, my call to YOU fabulous people out there— as life gets a tad nutso and even MORE fabulous around here….. (so so excited!! Be excited to find out):

What are YOUR favorite easy {healthy} dinner ideas?? Your GO-TO ideas when stuff gets Ca-Ra-Zy around there?? Feel free to link away in the comments section! I WANT ideas/recipes!

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  1. Haha you are so right!! We both had the “lets keep it simple and quick” dinner idea. The dinner was literally done by the time I finished unpacking my groceries. Pasta is one of my favorite quick meals. The noodles don’t take long and the sauce practically cooks it self.

  2. Love simple and quick. Stir fries always work best for me. A protein.. chop up some fresh veggies.. make a quick sauce.. throw it together in a wok..and you are set!

  3. hooray for chia seeds!!! They are such a powerhouse…

    Go to meals? Bean & Veggie infused soup(i eat this for supper at least once a week and for leftovers for lunch), pita pizzas, leftover crockpot chronicles, etc!! I’m also very predictable!

  4. Yum, your meals look great! I’ve been having a similar quick veggie pizza for the past few nights since my hubby is working late and doesn’t need dinner at home. I’ll post soon!

    Another recipe that’s super quick and easy is pan-seared halibut with avocado mango salsa. Here’s a link to when I made it last. So yummy!


  5. so happy you were feeling energized! That’s great! Also, I love that dinner ideas. Now I just need to get the ingredients!

  6. My go to easy meal is pasta! It’s quick to make and can be nutritious too :)


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