Backpacking Excursion

Hey! Happy new week and MOnday. It is dreary weather here, so I kinda wish I could escape back into the beautiful (and hot) weather we enjoyed this last weekend……

Yep, we backpacked for 3 straight days, covering about 24 miles—in the blazing sun, freezing waters of narrow canyons, and the occasional warm breezes that swept through the massive canyons. We carried everything on our backs<—about 30-35 lbs worth–hello weight lifting!!, slept under the stars 1 night, and slept in a tent another night, and hit up a beautiful river to catch some rays and rest our feet.

In other words, it was PERFECT. Loved it. So glad we went. But oh so glad to be home.

Nothing like running water, a shower, fresh food, and a cozy bed to welcome you home, ya know??

But it was an experience I am glad I did not miss out on! However, by the end, I thought I was going to die.

Let’s let the pictures explain what we went through, shall we??

most of all the food we took

banana muffins--- I made to take-PERFect for the trip

muffins made from THIS recipe :)

the beginning of the trek

a cow showed us the way!

or rather showed the couple we were with the way

beginning of the canyons

opening of the canyon

canyon walls


nerds. :)

darker in the narrows!

where we camped the 1st night

so pretty!

a.m. campsite. enough said.

Ate some oatmeal for b-fast. It was grand. :)

on our way the 2nd day

FINALLY made it to the river!!

a little sun, much??

dinner time--black bean soup

campsite -2nd day

morning of the 3rd day

view from the tent!

I like this view better!

these buggers were EVERYwhere.

oh hi

3rd day SQueezzeee

So hot. So sunny. So pretty

lunchtime break!

curry lentil soup + dehydrated veg for lunch

cool arch

really pretty

I think I am going to die.....half smiling face ;)

more canyon views

a few more miles....I am really going to keel over!!

a little more canyon to go!

gotta stop and smell the PINK flowers

hi. we're both about to die. seriously.

I am not dramatic. at least too much πŸ˜‰

This was hard. But in an odd sort of way, FUN.

end of the canyons....

a look back at what we did

a nice view of what we went through (at least part of it)

on the road to the car!!! Last leg. I am about to die.

let's play "I Spy the Car".....

final road. SO excited to see the car in the distance!

We DID it. We scaled/hiked/lived through Escalante.


SO grateful I went. SO glad I got/made it to the car. So happy to take my shoes off and rest my swollen, tired, very dirty, and very in-pain feet.

finally IN the car. headed back

dancer at heart. always will be :)

I took a half hour shower that night. Seriously.

I ate a huge spinach salad the next day.

Ginormous salad!! yeah for fresh food :)

Gotta make up for all that fresh food I didn’t eat.

wearing real clothes again, holler!

my new fav belt/fav purchase.

I love polka dots

my sunburn<---can you see it by my neck?

All in all it was a FABULOUS trip. My dear, amazing husband carried a lot more than me, got sunburned worse than me, and never uttered a word of complaint. He is a champ.

I uttered words of excitement to be in a shower, that was my form of “complaint.” But seriously, I loved enjoying the weather and Nature. The beauty of that place was a rugged, astounding beauty. So grateful I went!

So glad I am back :)

How was YOUR weekend?? What did YOU do?

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  1. Wow, looks like an amazing trip! I would love to do something like that and escape the city for a bit! And I heart your dancer pose–so cute!

  2. Caroline says:

    Sounds AMAZING! Gosh it makes me want to go on a hiking trip.

    I worked all weekend at the hospital. If I had taken pictures (which I didn’t) they wouldn’t be anywhere near as glamorous as your fun trip! =)

  3. I wish I was there too! What a cool hike!! Hikes like that feel so intense during but afterwards, you are so glad you did it. Just like life! =) I’m glad you guys were safe!

  4. I’m so jealous. I haven’t been backpacking in ages. It looks like you guys had some exhausting fun.

  5. that is so beautiful! I kept thinking everything I saw in New Zealand was beautiful, but America is pretty darn breathtaking too!

  6. That sounds like SO much fun!! I would love to do a hiking/backpacking trip…I don’t know about camping though :) haha I have never been a camper lol :)

  7. Your weekend looks AMAZING
    What amazing photos
    I’ve never really backpacked anywhere that didn’t involve hotels, so impressed :)
    Love your blog!

  8. Ooo! What a fun trip! I would love to do something like that! The picture of you two hugging is adorable! Love it! And I agree, muffins are perfect for trips! Even if it is a trip to the




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