Weight Lifting Part 1

Hey friends! Yes, I am STILL on my backpacking trip<—I am telling ya, this was a hardcore trip to begin with<–I knew this going in. Be excited for pictures. I will prob be exhausted, with no makeup, and very tired legs in each one 😉 But that’s okay, I am sure I am having fun-I am with my husband and another hardcore, very fit, couple.

So, I thought I would devote this post to some basics on weight lifting/resistance training.

As you know, I teach BodyPUMP. I have not always loved weight lifting, or made it a point to add it into my scheduled workouts, but ever since seriously lifting weights, I have noticed that I am more toned, fitter, leaner, and have an overall ‘tighter’ appearance. I also feel better, have a higher confidence level, and have more positive self-esteem vibes coming out of me. All very good things:)

Some things to think about when weight training:

  • never sacrifice form for anything <—lower the weights if needed
  • try out various weights for muscle groups <—i.e. less weight for upper body, more for lower body (to begin with)
  • target all muscle groups if doing 1 day of weight training
  • target half the muscle groups if only doing 2 days of weight training
  • if doing more than 2 days of weight training per week, either split the body (i.e. upper body:Mon, lower body:Wed), or do all muscle groups each day, if time allows
  • allow AT LEAST 24 hours(-48 hours) of rest between weight lifting workouts
  • drink lots of water, get adequate protein and carbs after weight training
  • girls do NOT bulk up!!!!
  • frequency is key…don’t give up on yourself!
  • fake it till’ ya make it sometimes!

The major muscle groups to hit, with an exercise for each: <—try 8-12 repetitions(or times) x 2 sets

(aka 8 times bicep curl, rest, 8 times bicep curl again)

  • quadriceps

—do squats, split squats, or plie squats

source-squats with a barbell

  • chest

—try chest press, or chest fly

source-chest press with dumbells

  • back

—try reverse fly, dead lifts, or clean & presses

source--dead lift. MAKE sure to SQUEEZE your back as you bend at the hips

  • triceps

—try standing or lying triceps extensions, or triceps dips

source--triceps dips

  • biceps

—try bicep curls, or hammer curls

source--barbell bicep curls<--can be done with dumbbells as well

  • hamstrings

—try lunges, dead lifts, or squats (plie squats if not done earlier)


  • glutes

—try lunges, squats, or leg raises to the back (with resistance if wanted)

source--leg raise to the back

  • shoulders

—try shoulder raises, overhead presses, or upright rows

source--upright row

  • abdominals

—try crunches, planks, or ball crunches


  • calves

—try calf raises off a stair

source--calf raises

Hope that helps! The pictures explain a lot–but don’t hesitate to ask :)

Do YOU love lifting weights? If so, what is YOUR favorite move??

**I looovvveee squats. Weird, I know :)

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  1. I do not lift weights nearly enough! I used to do really hard core yoga every day and didn’t need it, but now I think I need to incorporate it more…thanks for the tips!

  2. I have taught quite a few people how to bench press. Every woman I taught has loooved it. I think my attitude of loving weightlifting myself spreads to them. They tell me that they have never felt that type of power before in their whole life! I am super glad to be part of that.

    I think that a vigorous 5 minute cardio warm-up to warm up muscles and ligaments, a warm-up set of each weightlifting exercise with lighter weights, and proper form are very important.

    Right now, my favorite is bicep curls because I used the 40 lb dumbbells today for curls for the first time. Moving up from 35 lb dumbbells was not as bad as I thought.

  3. I love the way lifting weights makes me feel, and I definitely need to do more of it! Body pump is my absolute fave way to get in the weights, but we don’t have it at our current gym. Boo. So I do it when I visit my folks in TX. :) We’re likely moving soon, and one of my main criteria for a place to live is to be close to a gym that offers body pump. I need good music and atmosphere to make myself really push! :)

  4. Wow this is awesome post! Very informative! :) I lift weight probably 3 times or more a week but I almost always do full body and I know I need to change that!!!
    Thanks Cara

  5. I don’t lift weights enough! I do a lot of resistant band training but weights, not so much!

    I hope you are having an awesome time lady!

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