Once in Africa

Hey you guys! Reminiscing is fun, eh??? SO, I am still on my hiking trip <—prob dyyyinnng-this was a NOJOKE trip,— so let me share a few experiences I had while in Africa with my dad.

We went on an African Safari in 2006, and it was AMAZING. Unbelievable to see those wild animals so close! I loved spending one on one time with dadhe is a busy dude (he’s a brain surgeon–super duper smart), so I felt LUCKY to be there with him.

He went on and climbed Mount Kilimanjoro<—I know, CRAZY cool, right??, while I flew home—I was headed to Germany/Austria to live there for about 18 months.

On to some African Wonders, yah??

can you see an animal?

sticking out of our safari vehicle!

SOOO close!

playin' around

very beautiful creatures

our driver with a brand new baby hyena

just chillaxin by the vehicles!!


takin' a break

old animals....

that would be a LION coming off of our jeep...he jumped up onto it, scaring ME--I was sticking out the top!!

vehicles all around a Lion and Lioness....ya know doing their thang

at sunrise--to go check out an area full of lions

on our way out of the 'safari' area

Lion + Lioness = soon to be babies!! <--we watched them mate, yes.

so many elephants--HUGE creatures

um....striking a pose-I think??

landscape was gorgeous too

I was an amazing trip! Think LION KING<—all the animals and landscapes are really true/live there! It was fun to see a great Disney movie come alive before my eyes.

There were a lot of inbetween bumpy rides, some weird food, and our crazy driver<—he was nice, but crazy!! haha, but it was the PERFECT daddy-daughter trip. Thanks dad!

I loooovvveee travelling. So stay tuned for more travel stuff in the future :)

Have YOU ever travelled outside your current country? If so, where/when/why???

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  1. That must have been such an inspiring experience! African safari.. not many people can cross that off of their bucket list!

  2. Oh My gosh!!! Awesome pictures! I would love to go on a safari one day. I’ve traveled to almost every country in Europe. I am an Army Brat born in Germany and spent a lot of my childhood there, so I was lucky enough to be able to drive around Europe!

  3. I’m living in New Zealand for 5 months, traveling around it every chance I get :)

  4. Your pictures are beautiful, but being there must have been even better. What an experience! Geez, your family takes excellent pictures!!!



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