Hey friends! What good news we have, eh? ENJOY desserts–love learning about your favs–and later if you want-get your percent of body fat tested–if you’re into that :) If you don’t wanna, stick with ‘how the pants’ fit idea. Not one single thing works for everyone! Glad to hear we are all different, have various opinions, and are excited to be alive :)

This a.m., before hittin’ up: 1 yoga class + 1 Zumba class, I ate an amazing parfait.


I just had to share it with all ya all.

layers of yumminess

berries + cinnamon + Greek yogurt + strawbs + almonds

SO good.

Classes were great, errands were awesome, and now on to some SERIOUS hiking. Yep, we’re away on a hiking/backpacking trip.

So, enjoy some memories :)

A year ago we were on our 3-week HONEYMOON to Mexico (Cancun). It was awesome. Paradise, really.



on a walk one evening

on our bed when we arrived--at our 2nd place


soo much sun :)

me and my pool :)

amazing FOOD!!

ALOE Vera for the hubby...he has red hair. Enough said.


nerds ;)

on a bus-headed into town

in da mornin'

in our room for us!

little red, much? :(


dinner :)

Archery master!

ready for dance lessons

beautiful weather THE whole time!

so cute

Although we are no longer in “paradise,” we are out with friends hiking a beautiful area :) Stay tuned!

If YOU went on a honeymoon, where did YOU go? If you have yet to go, where do YOU want to go??

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  1. What a fun looking honeymoon! It is great to go down memory lane and look at old photos!

  2. funnnnnnnn! we went to cabo. it was fun, but i don’t think i will go back to cabo ever again. it’s kinda “meh” to me!

  3. OThis makes me want to go back to Mexico!! We went to Riviera Maya (close to Cancun!) last August to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. SO amazing. Isn’t the water gorgeous? We went to Maui for our honeymoon (we got Maui’d!), and I’d love to go back at some point. Such special memories there!! Love your pics, can tell y’all had so much fun in Cancun!

  4. We are planning a honeymoon to Italy and Poland in September!

  5. that looks like such a wonderful trip! I’ve never been to Mexico but I’d love to go :)

  6. Caroline says:

    a three week trip to a Mexican resort sounds heavenly right now. Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Can’t wait to hear about the hiking trip!

  7. Hey! I just added you to my blog roll! Why? Because I LOVE your blog! :) I have a yogurt parfait almost every morning! Strawberry Greek yogurt, berries, and granola! Mt favorite! Love all the pics of you and your hubby! Looks like it was a blast!

    Cara :)

  8. My dear you tan beautifully!!!

    Jeff and I built a deck on our honeymoon….Needless to say we are the people who spend the money on our house rather than going on a trip….We’ve never travelled anywhere though so we don’t know what we are missing…

    If we were to go anywhere I think it would be to Disneyworld/land and Universal Studios…

  9. Great pictures!! You two look so much in love! My Hubby and I went to Maui and LOVED it. I want to go back…we met this couple there who was on their “babymoon.” We never heard of such a thing but I convinced hubs that when I get pregnant we are going back!

  10. you guys are super cute!! We went on our honey moon to mexico and we had a blast :) I miss it!
    Have a great trip!

  11. Love all the pics! Hope your trip is going well. A hiking trip sounds so fun.


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