Magical + Walking Benefits

Hey all! It was truly a magical weekend celebrating our anniversary! We have been blissfully married for ONE year now-and are excited about the many years to come. Especially since we both try to live healthy lives–SO we should be around for awhile 😉

a gift from my husband!

those are our wedding flowers from my bouquet!

whole wheat french toast with AB+lite maple syrup+flax seed +cinnamon+strabs

a day out together

our fav place for dinner

HUGE delish salad + hummus on the side

wedding CAKE at Jason's for dessert :)

we brought it to eat after dinner!

'camping' + a movie for the night

PERFECT anniversary. SO glad I married this dude :) **Check out tons of wedding photos HERE, if you desire!


As you’ve probably noticed, I love being able to be active. Yesterday we took a lovely Sunday walk (the sun was shining), and I thought about how grateful I am to be able to walk. I enjoy walking as a form of good exercise, stress release, and a time to relax/unload with the husband.

Some of the benefits of walking outside include (but are not limited to):

  • sunlight! (we need Vitamin D)
  • it is not too hard on the joints (as running is)
  • it helps to reduce inflammation
  • it is a natural form of exercise for the body, so it comes naturally (no manuals, etc.)
  • you can do it any time-NO gym necessary
  • it is totally FREE
  • you can do it alone and enjoy stress reduction, or have a chat session/date with a friend/spouse
  • it is versatile
  • you can go for a long, long time
  • you get to enjoy NATURE and the beauty of this earth

found during our walk yesterday

  • it is a natural way to burn calories (if that is what you care about)
  • you can enjoy it while doing/running errands
  • it has been shown in several research studies that walking is the best long-term, attainable way to LOSE and MAINTAIN weight (pretty much most everyone is engaged in one of the two 😉

I have always loved grabbing my cell phone, taking a stroll around the block, and catching up with the sunlight vit D!!) and a sister or mother. It is SO wonderful to be able to do this. I revel in being able to walk!

If it is beautiful where you are, you should consider taking advantage :) You will be happier, feel lighter, and be more energized because of it. Promise! With that, I am off to do some errands….and yes, WALK as I do them! Have a lovely day :)

Do YOU enjoy walks outside? What is YOUR favorite way to enjoy YOUR walks/walking time?

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    1. I used to never take outdoor walks. Now that I am training for the Susan G Komen 3-Day I walk all the time.. even just leisurly strolls. I love it! Wish I had always been doing it. It truly enhances my mood!

    2. Hi =) stumbled across your blog and thought I’d tell you that I think the way you and your hubby celebrated your anniversary was so cute =) love the little camping idea with sleeping bags!

    3. I love the anniversary post and can’t wait to check out more wedding photos 😉

    4. Caroline says:

      I love, love, love going on walks and especially when I am with my husband =)

    5. I’m going to go on a walk this afternoon! And we went on a family walk yesterday! Thanks for this post!

    6. I am a bit of a runner, but i do love walks sometimes, especially in beautiful places, like hiking trips! I also really like to walk with my mom. When she visits me in a few weeks I hope to walk with her every morning!

    7. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! Your pictures are precious. I can tell you that marriage just keeps getting better, year after year. It’s so funny to say a few words to each other and bring back a vivid memory from 20 or more years ago! The shared memories and the kids(and probably the dog too)are what is best.


    8. Glad you had a great anniversary. You two are so cute together. I’ve been married 6 months now and already can’t wait for our one year! How time flies right!! I’m definitely enjoying every second though!

      I love walks especially since I live in sunny southern cali! It’s so warm here. I hate it in the summer though. WAY too hot to walk unless it’s like 5 in the morning!


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