Happy ONE YEAR Wedding Anniversary to US!


For your viewing pleasure, on this special day when we celebrate ONE year of bliss, you get to check out our photos.

It was SO fun reminiscing as I prepared this post. Enjoy :) ***(please remember these were HUGE photos, so I had to edit them down–don’t judge my editing skills. I know I am a master at that too πŸ˜‰ )

First, a smattering of photos from our engagement photo shoot:

my man can make me laugh!

our engagement photo--edited down to size

I liked the yellow wall

we lift!!


totally and completely in love <3

Then, a smattering of photos from theΒ bridal photo shoot:

why hello there

bridal glory

I loved my colors!

I love striking poses :)

black & white

in the sunshine

The wedding day!!!!!!:


right after we got married!

walking as hubby and wifey!!


me and my beautiful mom!

about to cry....with my great dad!

our parents and us


me and my best friends!

me and my little sista!

my man with my and his sisters

SO happy to be married!

leg pop!

at our luncheon

a table-some were orange, some green, some yellow

some of the flowers

these lanterns were EVERYwhere!

back of my dress + part of the veil (homemade)

CHEESE smile :)

kissin' behind my bouqet ;)

our rings

giving our speeches

the CAKE!!!

remember that top layer… is going to show up again. In my mouth. Today. πŸ˜‰

our cake baker (?) made this cake as a surprise for us, in honor of our meeting under an apple tree!

dancing the night away :)

his nephew caught my garter! check out the color :)

heading out amidst bubbles. On to our 3-week Mexico honeymoon :)

Hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane as much as I did :)

We are in love, plain and simple. But I guess you could already tell, eh?

We are celebrating the day by relaxing, having a special dinner, doing some special things we like to do together as a couple, and eating that top LAYER of our cake!!! SO excited. It is carrot cake.

I love my husband. SO glad he chose me! I feel like the luckiest woman alive to be married to him. Luckily I have him for forever!!


Still SILLY as ever :)

What do YOU do to celebrate an anniversary??

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  1. Happy Anniversary – LOVED seeing all of your beautiful pictures~ May you be blessed with MANY more years of happiness and bliss!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary lady! I hope you have a wonderful relaxed day reminiscing about the craziness that was 365 days ago…You really did have the big to-do wedding didn’t you?!? MmMm Carrot Cake πŸ˜‰ Send me some…K?

    We haven’t reached our first anniversary of marriage…but if I know Jeff and I, we won’t do much….We will probably be out at the cottage with his family actually! Sexy huh? πŸ˜‰

  4. congrats! you are such a beautiful couple :)

  5. Your wedding photos are gorgeous! You look so incredibly happy together :)

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  6. Happy Anniversary!! I love your wedding photos. You look so beautiful. I hope you both have a great day celebrating.

  7. Happy Anniversary! You look SO beautiful in these pictures Annette!!! Gorgeous bride!!

  8. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Happy Anniversary and cheers to many, many more happy years to come!! Isn’t marriage the best? :-) You look so beautiful and happy in your pics :)


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