Afternoon Bliss

Hey all you friends :) I guess you all loved my ice cream dinner. I did too. It is okay to admit that :) Happy Friday, by the way!

So lately I have worked mainly during the mornings and days, and then I take an afternoon break. I often have an afternoon siesta/fiesta all by myself. Did ya know you can have a party all by yourself? Yep, it is true. I do it often. Sometimes it involves shakin’ it.

But lately it involves this:


Agua. Apple. Roasted salted nuts. A book.


afternoon time

I curl up on my bed, munch away, and get lost in a book. Sometimes it is a novel. SOmetimes it is a nerdy health, nutrition, or fitness book. And sometimes it is a religious book.

Either way, it is me, my book, and my food/water.

Don’t mess with that :)

This is a newfound pleasure for me. Sometimes you have GOT to stop from the rush of the day and take a BREAK. Did you know research shows that people handle stress so much better, are more productive in their work/school assignments/projects, and are overall happier when they take 15 minute breaks throughout the day?

I am the testament to that study. Do it. Take a break. Take some YOU time. Get lost in a book. Snack on some whole foods. Paint your toenails. Watch a hilarious YouTube video. Dance in your room. Take a cat nap. Stretch.

Whatever it is, take it. Do it. OWN it. Love it. Enjoy it.

I have decided I will not let stress run my life :) Besides, it is good for the soul and the mind to take a breather and recharge. If you don’t believe me, go try it out. But I am pretty sure none of you are opposed to having a ‘reason’ to take a break. “Annette the health guru and now Master told me too.” haha :)

Have a GREAT Friday! I already have so far-taught a Core Cross Training class and took a Zumba class. Now I am off to get some errands done, see a friend, and plan for a FABULOUS weekend. Can you guess what is happening this weekend? If not, stay tuned tomorrow!

Do YOU take breaks often during the day? What is YOUR afternoon pick-me-up/stress reliever trick??

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  1. I take breaks when my students have specials/lunch.. etc. I also use my drive home as a time to re-energize.. open the windows.. turn up the music.. feel free!

  2. Just getting out of the office, away from my desk, seeing the sun (once in a while here in Pittsburgh) and breathing fresh air really makes a difference!

  3. That does look like bliss! I’ve been getting into reading and I love getting lost in a book. My afternoon pick me up is a nap. As I get older, I LOVE naps more and more. It really helps me through the evening chores.

  4. Caroline says:

    so what book were you reading?
    When I am studying, I’ve got to take a break for 10 minutes every hour. It helps me be more productive during the 50minutes of studying.

  5. i take breaks every so often, on long breaks i work out and on short ones i talk on the phone, check email/facebook/blogs, and stretch :)
    btw, i like the colorfulness of your post!



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